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Edibles... but offer a wide selection of products to fit every consumers needs. (Also Partnered and listed on Twisted Extracts site as one of their main suppliers)
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captcrunch·TheraLife·1795d120 reviews

Cherry Oil (Tetra Tears) - Theralife - Aug 2019

Tetra Concentrates makes some good stuff. I’ve had their stuff before and they are very consistent. I ate a fat glob last night on a graham cracker. I don’t find it actually tastes like cherries, but it got me buzzed like a strong edible.
captcrunch·TheraLife·1795d120 reviews

Bruce Banner Blonde Hash - Theralife - Aug 2019

Great stuff for the price. Looks just like the pic online. A chill hybrid buzz.

Here’s how it looks broken it half:
captcrunch·TheraLife·1795d120 reviews

Trainwreck Rosin (Rocky Mountain Rosin) - Theralife - Aug 2019

This was some gorgeous rosin. First time trying this brand (Rocky Mountain Rosin) and was impressed. Flavour/nose is standard rosin, nothing special, but it hits like a brick. Indica/couchlock buzz
captcrunch·TheraLife·1795d120 reviews

Super Lemon Haze Shatter (Sovrin Extracts) - Theralife - Aug 2019

The colour on this stuff is ridiculous, such a deep yellow/orange. Nice citrusy/fruity nose & taste and a sativa high. Good value for sure.
JD17·TheraLife·1802d11 reviews

TheraLife - August 2019 - Multiple Products

*I apologize again for lack of pictures due to my abysmal luck*

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These guys are one of the new kids on the block, being one of the main providers of Gas Gardens products. The line up that they have i...
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