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·6h9 reviews

Coco Chanel by Pacificanna // Togoweed

Smells like a mix of ice cream cake with a gas strain like pink kush.

Smoke quality is wonderful, 9/10. It’s got my 2 favourite type of profile: Pink Kush-like and ICC. The vendor mentions gelatii x Grape Gasoline but yah.

Bag appeal is great, dense chunky nugs, not too fro...
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·1d11 reviews

Coco Chanel - ToGoWeed - August

Quite an interesting strain... sweet funk? Some sort of pungent stink that is enjoyable through sweet gas. Hard to describe really, but overall quite nice in flavour. Visually it does a pretty well: dense, well trimmed, nicely sized. Pretty good Indica high as well, munchies, some giggles, great rel...
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·4d6 reviews

Apple Pie - Togoweed - August 2022

I received this a freebie with my order, and I was very happy with it! I’ve had Hierba’s Apple Pie before, and this batch is just as good! The flavour profile is spot on, and potency is good too! My one criticism would be that the buds were kind of airy and on the smaller side, but as this was f...
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·4d6 reviews

Cereal Milk - Togoweed - August 2022

My favourite smoke out of my recent order with Togo! It has a very nice aroma; I’d describe it as sweet/creamy with some kushy notes. Unfortunately the taste doesn’t come through as much when smoked. However it burns white and slow which I was happy with. The buds are dense and sticky too. I’d...
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·4d6 reviews

Guava Oreoz - Togoweed - August 2022

I would describe this one as having a sour/gassy funk with creamy notes. Potency is good too, I’d recommend this as both a daytime and night time smoke. It burns clean with a light grey ash. It’s not my favourite strain by Hierba but I’d still recommend others try it. It’s also on sale atm i...
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