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le_spawnz·TogoWeed·37d14 reviews

Purple Fuel by Northerncanna - Togoweed - Jan '12

Texture: Good dense and trimmed really well. It's still sparkling with trichomes.

Smell: Pungent but not gas. Nothing crazy here.

Smoke: Smoke fine it was subtle and easy to smoke. I finished with a clean bowl without any issue.

Buzz: Solid potency and a good c...
le_spawnz·TogoWeed·44d14 reviews

Pink Coma AAAA Smalls - Togoweed - Jan '12

Texture: Small to lesser mid however it's starting to crumble and fall apart. Deep green and purple crystal leaves.

Smell: Smell earthy and herbal. There's also a note of rose to it.

Smoke: It can be quite rough but the majority of the time it's not too rough.
Acala_k·TogoWeed·54d9 reviews

GoudaBerry - TogoWeed - December 2023

LOOK - Dense with good trim. It looks better than what I have been expecting on their website.

SMELL - Not much cheese smell it just smell like berries.

TASTE - There's more cheese taste on exhale however it's mostly just pungent and berries taste.

Phantonuq·TogoWeed·124d25 reviews

Candy Gas / TogoWeed / October

Thought I'd give this Hierba strain a try since it was a part of the anni sale for only $35/7g.

First impressions are pretty good, pretty nice feel to it, good trichome coverage. Candy Gas is a good description of the profile, as it did provide that sweet gassiness to it. The nose wa...
abbiebees·TogoWeed·142d17 reviews

Black Milk AAAA - Togo Weed - October 2023

Very fresh and dusty with trichomes however I have a bit too much leaves sticking to it they could have trimmed it away. It isn't dank but more like light earthy with sweet flavour similar to berries. The high feel amazing especially the mood uplifting feeling however it didn't last long and...
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