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TREEPAD_MOM·TreePad·624d1 review

4 Star General - Treepad - December 1

My camera is shitty so the picture does not do this flower any justice.

Colors great smokes great and with the holiday around the corner price /oz is not bad as well.
stonerscotian·TreePad·898d4 reviews

MOM review of Treepad

MOM: Treepad

Communication/shipping: Quick response when I asked about product. Received in a small box, double vacuum sealed. Flower was not squished at all, perfect condition.

Strain: Blue God

Value - 8

Quality - 8.25

Nice slow burn, pungent smell. Nice ...
Danyn·TreePad·898d72 reviews

Blueberry Kush - Treepad - March

Sweet and fruity. For once, I’m actually somewhat reminded of blueberries. I actually forgot that it was blueberry kush until now as I didn’t really get any kush scents from it. Not overly pungent either but still very nice smelling. Similar to Nuken’s scent but butter.
Good sized nugs tha...
Jennifernicolexo·TreePad·901d1 review

Edibles from Good selection. February 28/2020

I got the mikro in orange flavour as well and tried those. They are tiny squares meant for micro dosing I’m sure since it’s 5 mg per piece (and the name lol). I like the texture of them. They just taste like an orange candy not really weedy. The cherry will probably be the same but cherry flavou...


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