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sick98civic·TrueKush·1616d1 review

Black Diamond-TrueKush-July 8

I would have to disagree.
I have had ZERO problems with them. Customer service has been top notch for me personally.
captcrunch·TrueKush·1616d120 reviews

Train Wreck - TrueKush - July '19

July 2019.
CrackerSkinBob·TrueKush·1621d3 reviews

Ice Wreck Hybrid AAA / TrueKush / Late June

Ice Wreck Hybrid AAA (sample 2 gram)

Visual 9/10 : I only had one 2 gram Nug so it’s hard to make a full judgement. From that one nug, It looked pretty amazing overall. Nice Light green colour. the structure is amazing and I loved the bud development. Also the cake was level was above av...
CrackerSkinBob·TrueKush·1623d3 reviews

Black Diamond AAAA/ TrueKush / Late June

Appearance 9/10 : THC wise, it looks very powdered from top to bottem. It’s not like a thin layer of cake either, this thc is THICK. She has a bit of purple around the nug and the overall size are pretty fair . What bumps the overall score down a few leaves here and there. Not to many but with AAA...


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