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RyguyG8·WeedCargo·1601d36 reviews

Rock Tuna - - Dec. 31 2019

I was pretty impressed with this sample from Weedcargo. The bud was dense and it was squished a little from the vaccum seal the flat part of the bud was shiny on the underside but the smell had a nice funky sweet fish smell with more sweet and less fish on the exhale. This is a nice evening stain an...
Sowatifimgay·WeedCargo·1601d13 reviews

Nuken - WeedCargo - Dec 2019

Value 8.5/10 - high slowly crept up on me and is definitely more intense than I thought it was going to be for a 125 zip
Overall - 7.5/10 - First time getting Nuken from a Mom so I didn’t really know what to expect. Didn’t get me completely toasted but definitely a great high and smooth smok...
cannadatrees·WeedCargo·1601d196 reviews

Pink island - weed cargo - end Dec/19

Pink is probably my favourite strain, and this is a great variation of it. Bud was glued to the inside of the package. Classic vanilla kushy smell that pinks carry. Thick smoke with nice light ash. Potency is what you’d expect, eye watering relaxation. Quality is 9/10 (maybe bias due to it being m...
RoastedTaco·WeedCargo·1601d1 review

Weed Cargo - Welcome Kit Review - December 31, 2019

My experience

I was contacted by WeedCargo through Reddit and was offered a Welcome Kit in exchange for an honest review. The welcome package included a 1g sample of 3 strains, clipper lighter, plastic grinder, pure hemp papers, element filters and a raw pre-roll inside a doob tube. I oblige...
kinged·WeedCargo·1602d33 reviews

Welcome Kit - Weed Cargo - End of December


[Rock Tuna](

[Pink Island](
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