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DPearcey·WeedCargo·1375d12 reviews

Weed Cargo Review - December 2019

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Weed Cargo


Shipped from BC and took 9 days probably had to due with all the packages moving around from holidays. It came Packaged in a little square box to avoid anything being squished although the vacuum seal was quite tight and ended ...
deadmoney·WeedCargo·1375d87 reviews

Purple Lemon Haze - Weed Cargo - Dec 2019

These smaller buds were rich in greens and purples, healthy orange hairs and a good covering
in trichomes. Sweet berries and that classic haze smell dominated the fairly strong nose. The
overall flavor was very similar to blue dream, but a little more grape candy than blueberry.
Good hum...
DominusRoca·WeedCargo·1375d16 reviews

Greasy bubba - weed cargo - December 2019

I was most excited for this strain, and it being an indica I found the effects to be lacklustre, no noticeable taste or scent.. but again I’m sure it’s because of the 1G sample packs, always arrive dry like that.
The high was nice and lasted about 30 minutes,
Wish I had more of this st...
DominusRoca·WeedCargo·1375d16 reviews

Holy grail - weed cargo - December 2019

Great Hybrid alternative for a daytime Indica smoker who needs a strain that has a non couchlock effect. Or in turn for a 24/7 Sativa smoker who needs a good strain for body and mood, but not the head fog. Long lasting effect 2-3, non groggy finish. Flavors & taste we’re both earthy on this on...
Dunkin1017·WeedCargo·1376d40 reviews

Grape Juice - WeedCargo - Mid December '19

Yup. Never had it nor heard of it before. Very grapey indeed, good AAA bud can’t complain with this one at all, she was a indica heavy hybrid
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