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Robbiea85·WeedCargo·151d27 reviews

Romulan Weedcargo Jan 2024

Decent bud looks good taste and high is awsome the smell is another weird freezland smell
Robbiea85·WeedCargo·151d27 reviews

Purple candy weedcargo Jan 2024

Not to bad strong smell hard to get a nose for it nice high tho taste is differnt
Robbiea85·WeedCargo·165d27 reviews

Critical bubba Weedcargo December 2023

Wow is all I can say one of the best iv gotten from them taste amazing smells crazy good and the high is like the first time I smoked pie eyed spaced out n couch locked for 2 hours wicked
Robbiea85·WeedCargo·165d27 reviews

Bc pink Weedcargo December 2023

This was another wicked pink both bc and pink are a must try specially together wicked taste and smell and nice high thanks again for awsome product
Robbiea85·WeedCargo·165d27 reviews

Purple candy weedcargo November 2023

This was crazy crystaly and tastey nice nose smell didn’t mind it for the price at all
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