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Georgia Pie// Weed Posters // July 28

Wizard Fritz // Weed Posters // July 28

I know WP gets alot of hate but I sure do love their smalls deals. They tossed me a 3.5g (2nugs) of this stuff and damn am pretty stoned just sitting on my balcony.

Super dense nugs covered in trichomes. The one nug is 3.0g. crazy bright orange hairs. I take shit videos. Very strong crea...
JGS7290·WeedPosters·11d37 reviews

Khalifa Mints (LSO) - Weedposters - 7/15/22

Gonna try and keep it brief here, as I’ve seen plenty of discussion on this strain and grow from Headwater Cannabis. This LSO batch of Khalifa Mints is far better than the salt batch, in basically every sense other than bag appeal, but that’s subjective. I’m just very fond of purple flower. Th...
JGS7290·WeedPosters·19d37 reviews

Khalifa Mints (Salt Batch) by Headwater Cannabis - Jercann/Weedposters

I think this is my 4th or 5th purchase of a Headwater Khalifa Mints run. This particularly zip was purchased from two different places, for two entirely different prices. The first 14g was from Jercann, and was $110. The other 14g was from Weedposters and was $75. I came to the realization that it w...

Khalifa Mints (Baby Yoda) - Headwater - Weedposters - July 2022

This is the LSO batch, forgot that in the title

56g of this beauty bud came in the mail for me today. I bought a qp a few weeks ago of an older batch and it reminded me of how much I love this offering from headwater. That qp was more of a traditional baby yoda batch, nice and fluffy litt...
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