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We like to make things simple… So if you’re in Canada and you’re looking for the best place to buy medical marijuana, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve made ordering weed online as easy as 1-2-3! Top-notch quality weed delivered right at your doorstep.
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Rayumi·WestCoastWeeds·221d301 reviews

King Apple distillate cart - westcoastweed - November 2021

Scent - the vapour has a candy apple smell.

Visual - gold coloured 510 cart. With their custom logo. Distillate is bright yellow in colour.

Smoke/burn - super smooth. I can rip it on 4.2v on my uni pro and not get a sore throat. Still coughed though lol. On 2.3v-2.8v the smooth...
Rayumi·WestCoastWeeds·221d301 reviews

Gummy bear edibles - westcoastweed - November 2021

Scent - sweet fruity gunmies. Grape smells like grape and same as the strawberry kiwi one

Visual - little gummies with vibrant colours. There is sugar all over them.

Taste - I liked the strawberry kiwi more personally. Tasted really good like jolly rancher. The grape tasted li...

Death Bubba @ westcoastweed net @ Sept 16 report

Nice and sticky some purple nose are bid lock only can smell it when you squeeze it.

Great smoke when you burn it its nice and give you that couchlock.

Nose 5/10 Smoke 8/10 burn light peppery For the price 10/10 worth buying its price Over all 7/10

Super Pink - westcoastweed - June

Gassy nose Good colour Haircut are OK Smooth burn white 7/10

Kemo - WestCoastWeed Net - Late January

Bag Appeal: 6/10, mainly composed of smalls and mid sized nugs, they are somewhat dense but not that much. Trichomes on the nugs are good sized.

Scent: 7/10, gives off a piney earthy mixed aroma

Burn: 7/10, The ash was black with specs of white, had a slight canoe. Burned at a ...
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