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38thirtyeight38·alti.mtl·575d335 reviews

Sour Power OG by healinghands365 sourced from anther_canada/alti.mtl January 2021

Sour Power OG

• Lineage: Sour Power x Biker Kush

• Bred by Karma Genetics

• Cultivated by healinghands365

• Sourced from anther_canada / alti.mtl

• ? • Bag appeal - medium in size, these nicely hand trimmed buds are cured perfect...
ikjotsaini·alti.mtl·634d6 reviews


Yes you should while he still has it :) amazing stuff and quality ??? best in Canada. Truly blessed to get my medicine from him ????
ikjotsaini·alti.mtl·637d6 reviews


MKU by ENIGMA.EXTRACTS / Pinetar grower sourced by: ALTI.MTL MKU is for indica lovers. I have tried different kinds of MKU before and I can vouch “this one definitely hits different”. Came in nice jars and the buds were perfectly cured and preserved. How do I say it better even the red hair on t...
BrettAztec·alti.mtl·673d8 reviews

Smintz - Alti MTL - Early October

This is without a doubt my favourite strain j have ever had the pleasure of smoking and before I continue further I would like to say that Alti is by referral only and I unfortunately am unable to refer any other customers as of right now. But if you can get ahold of a long time and loyal customer o...
terp_raider·alti.mtl·675d1 review

Ice Burn #7 - Alti - Early October

really crazy bag appeal here, buds are pretty damn caked in trichs. the smell is fairly strong and almost creamy, burns smooth but the taste doesn’t seem to transfer quite as well as the smell. after smoking im left with a strong head high but feel like I could still get stuff done if I wanted to....
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