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September 2, 2021
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August 10, 2023
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July 17, 2024




Bos·Pacific Cannabis
Trending #4
·3d118 reviews
Strain - Purple Nuken (Purple Kush x Nuken)

Visual/Texture - great eye appeal to these large structured buds, framed with elongated spade formations. Shelled in with a crispy surrounding exterior, applying pressure to a restricted amount of movement, and housing a hefty amount of sticky tri...
Trending #8
·4d118 reviews
Strain - Sour Diesel (Chemdawg x Sour Skunk)

Visual/Texture - a division of smaller to medium sized nugs, shaped by unique peppered formations. A soft spongelike density that’s surrounded by a crisp outer shell, lined with a sticky coated interior. A mixed pallette of greens featuring lig...
Bos·Pacific Cannabis
Trending #4
·6d118 reviews
Strain - Master Kush Live Resin 

Texture/Visual - clean appearing Live Resin packed inside of a fancy black twist top ceramic jar. Fine granulated texturing creating a shiny slightly wet appearance, with a color resembling a golden amber hue. Soft fresh and simple to scoop into a selectabl...
Bos·TopGreen·10d118 reviews
Strain - White Truffle

Visual/Texture - medium sized buds with fantastic bag appeal, with tapering arrowhead shaped formations. Cased by a crisp surrounding shell, cured perfectly with a fresh squeezable sticky density. There’s a darkened appearance to these frosty nugs, draped in a deep ...
Bos·TopGreen·12d118 reviews
Strain - Georgia Pie

Visual/Texture - stunning spade shaped buds compiled of smaller to medium sized statures. Semi firm fresh feeling squeezable density behind these nugs, split apart to reveal a sticky crystal caked interior. Covered in a lightened moss green shade partnering beside mediu...
Bos·TopGreen·13d118 reviews
Strain - Fritter Glitter (Apple Fritter x Red Runtz)

Visual/Texture - gorgeous buds compiled of medium statures, stunning visual tapering spade shaped structures. A crisp surrounding shell behind these nugs with fluffy densities, being caked by a fresh feeling sticky interior. Varying amoun...
Bos·TopGreen·15d118 reviews
Strain - Tropical Runtz (Runtz x Tropical Truffle)

Vistual/Texture - chunky smaller and medium sized buds, visually resembling plump conical spades. Firm dense units providing resistance behind each squeeze, with sticky lined interiors. Beautiful colors cascading over each nug, dressed in d...
Bos·FullSpeedGardens·18d118 reviews
Strain - Death Bubba by Nala Pharms

Visual/Texture - beautiful bag appealing buds, having medium sized spade shaped formations. Crisp feeling textured outer shell, cracked apart exposing an interior cladded in sticky resin. Covered in deep royal green hues accompanied by medium moss shades...
Bos·TopGreen·19d118 reviews
Strain - Donkey Butter (Grease Monkey x Triple OG)

Visual/Texture - these medium sized girthy bud formations, having tapered spade shaped appearances. Fresh feeling nugs maintaining a consistent cure throughout, a spongelike density that returns to form once releasing pressure. Surrounded b...
Bos·FullSpeedGardens·20d118 reviews
Strain - Georgia Pie by Nala Pharms

Visual/Texture - medium sized glistening elongated buds tapering out to pointed arrow head tipped formations. A perfect cure on these nugs, light crisp feel on the exterior with a soft textured sponge density, housing inside a sticky fresh feeling interi...
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