April 9, 2020
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April 9, 2020
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November 28, 2021




NextCell·GreenlandBotanicals·965d61 reviews
Greenland Botanicals    

The packaging was awesome because it was very professional, discreet, odourfree and damage free.

Big Smooth AAAA - Greenland Botanicals

Bag Appeal - Large, dense, beefy forest green nugs that have nic...
NEXTCELL·bhang-bhang·1088d61 reviews
BHANG-BHANG         -

This sample pack arrived quickly & in discreet/professional packaging. Everything was in great condition & damage free.

Black Diamond AA

Bag Appeal- These buds look better then their AA rating thanks to their...
NEXTCELL·TheGreenAce·1096d61 reviews
The Green Ace         -

Overall I was pleased with the discreet, professional and odourless packaging. It arrived quick and damage free.

Zombie Kush Shatter by Gas Demon

Bag Appeal - The shatter came as a single piece in parchment p...
NEXTCELL·MonkeyBudz·1135d61 reviews
Monkey Budz       -

Order arrived in a professional, discreet, & odorless bubbler. The strains were in sealed mylar bags, without any damage.

Death Scout  Quad by Okanagan Farms

Bag Appeal - The weed I received is medium in size, t...
NEXTCELL·bulkdabs·1141d61 reviews
BulkDabs           -

Packaging was professional & discreet. It was damage free, leak free and odour free.

Vancity Labs Cannalean Watermelon THC Infused Syrup

Bag Appeal - The packaging is well done and fairly detailed. It looks to b...
NEXTCELL·ChronicFarms·1145d61 reviews
Chronic Farms       -

This order came in a professional,  discreet & odourless bubbler. It protected the contents well and the buds arrived in good condition.

Rockstar X Peanut Butter Breath AAAA

Bag Appeal - These medium size nugs are...
NEXTCELL·CAMMP·1147d61 reviews
CAMMP (Canadian Affordable Medical Marijuana Products) -

The packaging was absolutely superb & a pleasure to receive. Every strain was in a high quality see thru mylar bag with attractive CAMMP branded stickers that served as labels. Each mylar bag also came with a boveda pack w...
NEXTCELL·TheChronFather·1148d61 reviews

Apple Fritter Acura Quad

Bag Appeal - Medium/large size, semi dense beautiful nugs, that have vibrant greens, orange and very slight purple highlights. The trichome coverage and trim is really good.

Smell- The smell is herbal, gassy and a...
NEXTCELL·bulkdabs·1152d61 reviews

Packaging was leak free, odour free and discreet. Products arrived in great condition. Items were nicely labeled and packaged with care.

* Watermelon Shatter*

Bag Appeal - For a CRC shatter this looks really  natural and appealing. The colour is a beautiful...
NEXTCELL·OrderBudOnline·1152d61 reviews

OrderBudOnline’s customer service and packaging is professional and done with care. My pack was discreet, odourless and damage free. The buds were really in pristine condition, which helps with good first impressions.

* Tropicana ...
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