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September 23, 2022


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This bud left much to be desired compared to the one I previously got. This in look like it has been left on the shelves for a while. When I squished against it between my fingers, I can feel there aren't that much stickiness to hold them together. I still got a smooth smoke out of it with a co...
Not bad to just have on hand when I want to stretch some of the other weed I have. Citrus glue smells but not overpwering. Still has a good amount of THC even though they are considered smalls. This is my first time buying smalls. Gave my throat a bit of an itchy feeling after smoking but not too ha...
37mrneon73·OneTwoTreez·125d7 reviews
Buddy brought the sack. This kush mints is a pretty nice strain. All mints seem to grow in small tight, bright buds like this. Super frosty with cool mint undertones. This is a good hybrid that really sings to me. The creativeness I get from this strain is great. I never feel burnt out or bogged do...
37mrneon73·QuickGreens·131d7 reviews
Friend brought the sack this time. Mendo breath. I liked this strain but it didn't give me the creative edge I was looking for and I was completely couch locked. My focus wasn't as sharp since was clearly thinking about munchies all game. This time we were playing board games, so slower pace...
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Buddy recommended me this strain for our retro gaming nights. 4 player split screen on 007 is a 90's kids wet dream. AK47 is a great strain. We went with this one since it was very fitting for the game we are playing. I booted a AK47 all game just to represent. I'm gonna say this strain did ...
This bud is CAKED with crystals. The only thing I notice about this bud is that it looks like it has been trimmed with a machine leaving a lot of the leaves still on the bud. If I pick them out this bud gives such a lovely smooth smoke. Nice dense buds and when you break the nugs open its just a sno...
37mrneon73·CannaPanda·150d7 reviews
The buds look really good but it came a little dry and they can break off the stems easily. Left it in my jar for a couple of night before giving it a try. I liked this strain for night time as the earthy woody taste can really put me to sleep.
Couch-lock style indica that I would buy again giv...
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