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September 29, 2022


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Cosmofelt·HerbApproach·660d4 reviews
When it is late at night and I simply need a little chooch to help me go asleep, this is the strain I turn to. The impact of the durban poison I purchased was almost exactly the reverse of the blue afghani. Overall, I felt nice and it wasn't overly sedating, but I was extremely in my thoughts, z...
Cosmofelt·HerbApproach·660d4 reviews
Gives out a lot of energy and clarity. This one was chosen because of the THCV characteristics and the strong fragrances of tropical fruits. Large, well textured nuggets made up this package. neither too soft nor too hard. I experience an entourage effect from this strain's terpene combination. ...
Cosmofelt·KronicKush·747d4 reviews
Really fitting name for the strain. It was covered in distictly white crystals that looked unbelievably like weed. It wasn't as caked as some of the others I've seen on this sub but it is up there from my own personal stash. It was a very heavy hearthy smoke but cut with a mint mango like f...
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