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February 22, 2022


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Nice mix of light greens on these nuggets that are accompanied by some purple streaks throughout & orange coloured pistils with a coating of milky trichomes. Dense & compact bud structure that has an okay trim leaving very little sugar leaf.

A sweet fruity smell coming from this strain. T...
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·878d115 reviews
Golden orange like colour with a cloudy appearance and soft malleable texture which has began sugaring up.

The flavour has a sweetness with subtle earthy/pine notes that come through into the aftertaste.

The stone from this seemed to have more of a mellow vibe, with it starti...
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·879d115 reviews
This vape cart has a light earthy taste with the typical honey oil vibe. Smooth smoke that has a slight kick on multiple big hauls. Stone from this started out with a pretty heady with an uplifting sense of happiness that’s complimented by a mellow body stone.

Note: Received for purpose...
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·880d115 reviews
Golden colour honey oil that has a slightly thinner consistency than I’ve experienced before. Allows for relatively easy extraction from the syringe without having to heat it up. The taste of it has a herbal & chemical like flavour that seemed odd. The high was a subtle heady feeling behind the ey...
DPearcey·EmeraldCastleMed·883d115 reviews
How do you always get samples like everyday from every mom? Just curious how that works… Why can’t MOMs ask others In this space? Seems very odd how the typical 2-3 people post for MOMs. Those are the moms I won’t order from due to the shillage…
DPearcey·EmeraldCastleMed·884d115 reviews
The appearance is a nice mixture of lighter and darker greens. Dark orange pistils with a coating of sparkly trichomes. Very dense and compact bud structure to these nuggets that was unfortunately overly dry.

This strain has a pungent sweet and citrusy aroma that carries some very subtle ...
DPearcey·EmeraldCastleMed·885d115 reviews
A dense and sticky texture to this nugget, with an unfortunately slightly mangled appearance. The colours were a mix of forest greens with dark purple streaks throughout that are accompanied by orange pistils and a nice coating of sparkly trichomes.

I found this one has a strong “gassy...
DPearcey·GizmoCrafts·886d115 reviews
Mix of green shades on these little nuggets with some purple hues peaking throughout & clusters of soft orange pistils. Fairly dense structure, that has a slightly sticky texture with a loose trim.

Soft profile on this strain. Starting with a sweet and musky mix that’s followed by some ...
DPearcey·GizmoCrafts·889d115 reviews
DPearcey·GizmoCrafts·890d115 reviews
This strain has a lovely purple appearance with green shades mixed in throughout this bud. Dark orange pistils covering these nugs with a coating of milky trichomes. Very dense and compact bud structure with a decent trim.

This strain has some sweetness mixed with musky, herbal and subtl...
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