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March 11, 2019


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WeedSmeller585·WeedSmart·2345d32 reviews
At 120 with 10% off your first order this plat OG was a steal. Even now at 140 its still a great value strain. Smell was okay and nugs were big but dry. Vapes well but when smoked it’s a bit harsh and ashes are a bit dark. Comparable in strength to the Mataro Blue sample they gave me but that stra...
WeedSmeller585·Delivery Meds·2352d32 reviews
I left a full review of my order on the megathread.

>Bubba Kush $5/g: Not as strong as the death bubba but I only ordered 2g and it came in a 2.1g nug. Bit dry and the smell isnt as strong but definitely still a worthy buy.
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