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leoquem·WeedSmart·116d16 reviews

Atomic Bomb - Weedsmart - March 2024

Nugs size range from small to medium. Dense nugs but not roundish like the pgr one. Skunky smell but I can't smell anything else from it. It smokes fine with a mint exhale but don't expect it all the time as the earthy taste is really dominant. The high feel balanced not hard hitting but goo...
leoquem·WeedSmart·337d16 reviews

Atomic Bomb Strain - Weedsmart - August 2023

Nugs sizes can range from small popcorn to 4-5 times the size. It can get a bit fluffy but good overall. Smell gassy witha bit of berry to it. There's a strong kinda spicy aftertaste that I'm not too fond off since it does get me coughing a lot. The high can be a bit dizzy at first when it ...
leoquem·WeedSmart·337d16 reviews

Double Death Bubba - Weedsmart - August 2023

Weirdest name I have heard honestly but I can't find how is this different from normal death bubba. It does look a bit old and doesn't smell very nice. It can taste a bit like pine. The potency is somewhat okay but it's not the tastiest smoke that I had. The high send me into a very slee...
hipertim·WeedSmart·359d23 reviews

Grapefruit Haze - Weedsmart - July 2023

Average potency but will give you a long cerebral buzz. It's probably better to wait if it goes on sale or if you have a coupon to buy this. Just like the name it will smell like grapefruit and taste similar to fruity strain as well. It a very basic sativa high.
hipertim·WeedSmart·360d23 reviews

Northern Lights 5 - Weedsmart - July 2023

I will have to say right away that Northern Light is usually a very strong but this one didn't reach the bar. Don't get me wrong it's still potent but it's more like a diet version of it. The rest of this stuff is similar and it will still be the piney smell and the cerebral lift tha...
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