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leoquem·WeedSmart·20d2 reviews

Gas Chamber AAA+ - Weedsmart - July 2022

It was rated higher than the rest in a mix and match. I can't tell which one is better. The other has more THC but this one has more dank
leoquem·WeedSmart·20d2 reviews

King Louis XIII AAA - Weedsmart - July 2022

This one was sort of unfairly rated. Maybe because it was the size of the buds but this one smoked pretty good and would rate this one AAA+ the same like the other bud. Tasted lighter but hit harder
Ms_misfire·WeedSmart·39d3 reviews

Diablo Blue Strain AAA - Weedsmart - June 2022

Value is 7/10 Quality is 8/10

My husband's opinion: Value is 7/10 Quality is 9/10

Hubby like the taste a lot. I tasted melons and diesel. Look for crazy Canada Day sales and use MOMs first time bonuses. I did!
ntcolonel·WeedSmart·74d19 reviews

Afghan Kush - Weedsmart - May 2022

Ordered this with some cannalean that I wanted from weedsmart. I always come back from time to time to them.

As for this Afghan, hard to say much about it but it was a bit better than I thought, a tad but leafy, really nice body stone. Felt it after 5 mins of lighting up my joint, and wa...
Bazioski13·WeedSmart·75d4 reviews

Apollo 13 - WeedSmart - May 2022

Expected a much more frosty nug like in the picture. I didn't enjoy this strain as much since it was covered in crystals like in the picture but was not dense. Still ok. I was not mad at it but the picture made me drool. I had to try it. Little too leafy for my preference and dry. It was dry an...
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