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July 27, 2023


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hipertim·WeedSmart·68d22 reviews
Average potency but will give you a long cerebral buzz. It's probably better to wait if it goes on sale or if you have a coupon to buy this. Just like the name it will smell like grapefruit and taste similar to fruity strain as well. It a very basic sativa high.
hipertim·WeedSmart·69d22 reviews
I will have to say right away that Northern Light is usually a very strong but this one didn't reach the bar. Don't get me wrong it's still potent but it's more like a diet version of it. The rest of this stuff is similar and it will still be the piney smell and the cerebral lift tha...
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·150d22 reviews
I just had a bit but this one is just like pure sativa. It has a bit of pungent to it but the dominant scent is a refreshing citrus aroma that really cover this whole strain. Only smoke this one in the morning and smoke it like how you have coffee. A single puff and I'm ready for the day with fu...
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·153d22 reviews
Bought a good QP of this one for 420 and it's such a good quality-to-price ratio for me. Took me a while to post but I get too baked every time. It's quite dense and the majority of them are huge nugs. The smell is quite gassy on the nose especially when I bought a huge bag and the taste is ...
hipertim·BlueMoonCannabis·182d22 reviews
They said this one 50/50 but I clearly feel more active and got plenty of cerebral buzz after smoking this one. Unfortunately I think it wasn't cured well enough since it's quite harsh to be honest. It didn't stop me from smoking but it's certainly a rough smoke. Maybe it's how t...
hipertim·BlueMoonCannabis·182d22 reviews
Picked this one since it sounded like the sweetest strain they had around. This one is not quite an indica but more like a hybrid that lean towards indica. This strain smell like berries but not exactly only blueberry. Just smell like sweet berry in general. After smoking a joint I feel like it'...
hipertim·WeedSmart·246d22 reviews
Been waiting a long time to try a weed variety of this strain since i've been sipping on a lot of carts. This specific ounce was a little bit underwhelming for what effects i usually get from a cart. Not sure if i messed up my tolerance with the carts or this weed just ain't hitting as hard ...
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·314d22 reviews
Small to average sized round nugs. Covered in yelllow kief and nug which made the nug look very golden. Strawberry cough did have a bit of a woody taste at the end but in the beginning was fruity berry and sweet on the nose. High was like I was very alert and focussed with a light numbing of my lips...
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·321d22 reviews
I have to say I like this one a lot. The buds can have various shape but they are all med to large sized. Buds looks beautiful and have a strong gassy smell ?. The high feels like a rush at first then settle down from head to toes. It's really balanced but for me it's out of this world. The ...
hipertim·WeedSmart·362d22 reviews
I knew exactly what I want and I already bought a sample of this before. Strong potent sativa that's like a booster for the morning. Knew I got the good stuff just by the look of those purple leaves and orange pistils. It's well preserved so I'm quite happy since I'm buying this one ...
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