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October 6, 2022


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hipertim·WeedSmart·7h13 reviews
I knew exactly what I want and I already bought a sample of this before. Strong potent sativa that's like a booster for the morning. Knew I got the good stuff just by the look of those purple leaves and orange pistils. It's well preserved so I'm quite happy since I'm buying this one ...
hipertim·WeedSmart·7h13 reviews
Buds looks dense and coated in trichomes however it might starting to get dry you can see it turning brown in some places. Probably gonna put it in a jar with humidor bag for a few day to see if it helped. It still retain got it pepper-like and sweet flavor just need an extra sniff to feel it. Have ...
hipertim·BuyLowGreen·82d13 reviews
More purple in person than on camera. This was a good strain. Grape and dank notes. For $30 a quarter, This is a smooth smoke and it hit the spot and didn't make me choke out a lung. This has a floral taste that I can't quite put my finger on that is a strong musky dank gas. This strain rea...
hipertim·BlueMoonCannabis·106d13 reviews
Looks good. Not super happy with way this bud smokes. Kind of tasteless for terpenes. I would have preferred my previous batches from BMC. I really like cookie strains because of the amount of trichomes that come off the bud. Probably would have preferred a cookie from another grower. This had a lot...
hipertim·BuyLowGreen·124d13 reviews
Truly what a great strain. This one really packed a punch and gave me a the time of my life. I took one good rip and did around the world and I was seeing stars. The grin across my face after being pleasantly surprised how well this smoked. This strain had great minty flavour and it really carried t...
hipertim·BuyLowGreen·124d13 reviews
Bought this when it was on sale for 50% off. $120 Oz. Took a chance on this one and it really came ringing. Super gassy strain that really hits deep in the lungs. The diesel flavour from the Chemdawg really comes through and hits the nostrils in the way where you know you got a punch. Super high thc...
hipertim·KronicKush·132d13 reviews
Earthy with a hint of berry. Peppery finish notes. After ripping a good bong toke of this one I feel the tingles in my head and coursing through out my body. This one is a creeper. The cherry notes really hit the spot. On these fresh spring days, I am enjoying a bowl of strawberries and a bowl of be...
hipertim·KronicKush·132d13 reviews
This flower did not wow me for flavour but but boy did it smoke. the buds were very small but they were all for the most part, full like the one seen in the picture. Smoked a little on the harsher side but for that good of a deal, I couldn't complain. I am fairly sure a vape would do nicely with...
hipertim·BlueMoonCannabis·138d13 reviews
The last one out of my lineup. I don't think my camera did this strain justice as it was a lot more purple in person. This was an extremely high THC bud that was covered in crystals. I Really enjoyed the smoke of this since the aroma was so pungent and dank. This definitely has a kush taste that...
hipertim·BlueMoonCannabis·140d13 reviews
An OG in my book. The super kush taste coming from this one leaves the tip of my tongue numb. High THC strain that I always keep in my back pocket as a secret weapon when someone says ”they dont get high”. This definitely hits the spot as this is a good couchlock strain and can really make a di...
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