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ayouremq·BuyLowGreen·120d27 reviews

Platinum cookie | Buy Low Green | March 2024

Texture/Visual: Light greenish nugs covered with a generous amount of trichomes

Smell: Earthy coupled with a nice floral taste.

Smoke: Relatively enjoyable, burn well with mostly white ash and some of gray.

Effects: Balanced cookies strain with a potency that ramp up...
DramaticDoctor7·BuyLowGreen·144d17 reviews

Unicorn Poop - Buy Low Green - February 2024

Price: 7 grams for $20

Smell/taste 9/10: It's quite an unique aroma similar to GMO cookies. Despite buying so little to round up my order the smell does feel the room There's also a sour taste to it.

Smoke 8/10: It's fine the ash was pepper and salt.
DramaticDoctor7·BuyLowGreen·145d17 reviews

Chemo Kush - Buy Low Green - February 2024

Price: 28 grams for $103

Smell/taste 8/10: The first thing that hit my nose was a strong pungent smell. The smell does translate into the taste really well and you can taste some deep woody flavor.

Smoke 7.5/10: Relatively smooth leaving clean ash behind.

worreyevan·BuyLowGreen·147d20 reviews

Grape Ape - Buy Low Green - Feb 2024

It's not quite purple like how I thought the name would suggest but it's good. It's coated with trichomes and while I don't see any big nugs, the grape-like smell is distinctive even when sniffing on smaller nugs. It's not fully indica but gives a solid full body stone and mental...

GMO Cookies - Buy Low Green - February 2024

Very dank and gassy it's just get all over the places once I open my zip. It taste as good as it smells but can be a bit overwhelming to smoke some times. The high is potent and while it is indica dominant it is mind uplifting and keep me in a half dream like half focused state. I got moderate m...
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