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February 27, 2024


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Price: 7 grams for $20

Smell/taste 9/10: It's quite an unique aroma similar to GMO cookies. Despite buying so little to round up my order the smell does feel the room There's also a sour taste to it.

Smoke 8/10: It's fine the ash was pepper and salt.
Price: 28 grams for $103

Smell/taste 8/10: The first thing that hit my nose was a strong pungent smell. The smell does translate into the taste really well and you can taste some deep woody flavor.

Smoke 7.5/10: Relatively smooth leaving clean ash behind.

Price: 28 grams for $135

Smell/Taste 7/10: There's a high notes and earth and that will be the first thing you notice right away. There's a bit of spicy taste to it but it wasn't much.

Smoke 6/10: It's going to be rough smoke at first. Ash wasn't clean b...
Price: 28 grams for $99

Smell/Taste 7/10: Smell faintly sweet with at first but there is a notes of spicy herbal and diesel.

Smoke 8/10: It's fairly flesh and flushed well the ash was clean and burn really evenly. My experience was somewhere in the middle it's just ...
DramaticDoctor7·BuyLowGreen·317d17 reviews
Price: 7 grams for $39

Smell/taste 8/10: Slight woody smell and a sweet taste once you light that up. There's also a bit of flower taste as well that's very relaxing.

Smoke 7/10: It's not dry and quite sticky but the inhale can be a bit difficult for some folks...
DramaticDoctor7·BuyLowGreen·332d17 reviews
Price: 28 grams for $75

Smell/taste 9/10: tasted like lemon ice cream when you suck on the joint before you light it

Smoke 7.5/10: I'm not all for paying extravagant amounts but just enough to make me feel like i'm still getting premium on a budget. Some buds were a...
DramaticDoctor7·GorillaJane·430d17 reviews
Price: 28 grams for $145

I was going to pick off the white piece for the picture but I thought I'd take it how it came. I am being a little nit picky but it had a piece of perlite or something similar on the bud. I just picked it off and smoked it. I would recommend you checking you...
DramaticDoctor7·GorillaJane·434d17 reviews
Price: 28 grams for $75

Smell/Taste 6/10: Had kind of an earthy finish and not what I remember. Not horrible but was hoping to get higher since this used to be my go-to strain for a while when it was super hot. Not as peanut buttery as normal ones I've had before either.
DramaticDoctor7·BuyLowGreen·514d17 reviews
Price: 28 grams for $130

Smell/taste 8/10: Average to large sized nugs that smell like sour grape. Sweet taste that has a more creamy earthy flavor on exhale.

Smoke 7.5/10: Rolled a couple of joint and a blunt. The joints burned well and smooth however I did cough a bit when sm...
DramaticDoctor7·PacificGrass·560d17 reviews
Price: 28 grams for $99
Taste 5/10: The nugs are on the smaller than average size but you can still taste the the herb and pepper flavor.

Smoke 8/10: Solid ash. Rolled as joint and it burn evenly as well

Potency 7/10: It's okayish. Quite relaxing but don't expe...
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