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Bos·BlueMoonCannabis·38d118 reviews

Chocolate Biscotti * June

Strain - Chocolate Biscotti (Chocolate Kush x Biscotti)

Visual/Texture - uniquely formed larger sized spear shaped bud. Surrounded by a crispy stiff textured exterior, having a firm compact density with zero movement when squeezed. Lighter moss shades paired beside medium olive colored...
Bos·BlueMoonCannabis·39d118 reviews

Ninja Fruit * June

Strain - Ninja Fruit (Grapefruit Haze x Grape Ape)

Visual/Texture - compiled of smaller to medium sized buds, formed with unique oval grape shaped nugs. Decently compact density giving up limited movement, little movement with a fresh sticky packed interior. The surfaces sharing colored sha...
Bos·BlueMoonCannabis·40d118 reviews

Gold Seal Hash * June

Strain - Gold Seal Hash

Texture/Visual - This hash sporting a deep fudge hue on the surface, split open to a lighter golden caramel hued interior. Soft sticky puddy formation allowing plenty of flexibility with its pliable gummy texturing, and easily manipulated into a desired smokeable sha...
Bos·BlueMoonCannabis·42d118 reviews

Jupiter Joints * June

Strain - Jupiter Joints Pre-Roll

Visual - five conical pre-rolls twisted up in Evolve brand papers, cased inside of a pop top doob tube, ready to be popped out and puffed on. Perfectly spun with a lengthy filter, and the tip folded into itself to guarantee no loose unwanted debris

Bos·BlueMoonCannabis·42d118 reviews

Pink 2.0 * June

Strain - Pink 2.0 (Predator Pink x Starfighter F2)

Vistual/Texture - one medium sized mass making up the bag, having a thick pinecone shaped appearance. A fresh perfectly cured texture retaining an even level of sticky freshness all the way throughout, taking on new form when compressed. Th...
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