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May 5, 2022


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jesaispas666·QuadCo·153d105 reviews
jesaispas666·QuadCo·155d105 reviews
Sugar cane

The buds are dense and compact, well trimmed, they are covered with a beautiful layer of trichomes, I love the look. The biggest flaw is dryness.

Taste and smell: I find that the smell is weak. For the taste, it is herbaceous, lemony, with a touch of nuts and earth....
jesaispas666·OneTwoTreez·192d105 reviews
Truffle butter

For the visual of this one it is really perfect, frosty well trimmed, and still a good size for ”Smalls”. On the other hand it is slightly dry, but there were boveda provided with in order. A few days in a Mason jar and it got better.

The smell is light, sw...
jesaispas666·OneTwoTreez·196d105 reviews
I received this small sample with my order, thank you for letting me taste this flower, I believe that I will take it again.

I really liked its creamy vanilla flavor, fuel and a slight ”pungent” touch. I wish I had more to taste it properly

The smoke is gentle on the throat...
jesaispas666·TFCannabis·211d105 reviews
The buds vary in size from medium to small, they are dense, slightly spongy and very sticky.

Taste and smell it is similar, it is quite powerful, musky gas, tart and pungent. For the smoke I found it strong.

Combustion: Burns well, resinous and in general the ashes are grey....
jesaispas666·TFCannabis·211d105 reviews
Blue coma

the buds are medium sized, dense, compact. They are sticky from the inside.

Taste and smell: The smell is rather sweet, a tart earthy aroma. For the taste I expected a berry flavor as mentioned in the description, it was rather ,earth and pine.

For the bur...
jesaispas666·TFCannabis·213d105 reviews
Chocolope is perfect to enjoy at the start of the day with a coffee, it has a flavor of herbs, tangy fruit with a slight floral touch.

The buds are dense and compact, slightly sticky inside. For combustion, I had salt and pepper ashes.
jesaispas666·TFCannabis·215d105 reviews
Despite its still interesting visual, the rest disappointed me a lot.

Taste and smell, it's light, it smells and tastes of bitter, sour, sour grass For combustion, the ashes are peppered.

Side effects I did not find too much present, I have not even finished my joint that...
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