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January 7, 2022


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Not the quality that I'm used to from Haute health but usually I get really great stuff. I contacted support and nothing they can do. I also got some of their super sour berry wax that looks so different from the pics as well. I said to them they should update the photos for new batches! Anyone ...
mental-antidote·Haute Health·1025d5 reviews
I was hoping someone could tell me if this is normal? I've just started purchasing Shatter and I received this from the only mom I use. Wondering if small chunks all stuck together are low quality or if it's totally fine?
mental-antidote·Haute Health·1188d5 reviews
I ended up getting upgraded for free to bay11 and its probably my favourite flower that I have had so far. The buds are huge and smells intensely like mango.
mental-antidote·KushStation·1217d5 reviews
Was a good time for you to ask! Just last night I took a little less then 1/4 the bottle and It helped sleep a bit but honestly I thought it would be stronger. If you’re a daily user probably not smart to buy ’low tolerance’. Good product for low tolerance users! I gave some to my mother and s...
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