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July 21, 2022


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robbie444001·KushStation·439d22 reviews
GSC is always one of my favorites, this one hits the mark! Well trimmed and cured, nice flavor. Small - medium buds. Also I missed their free keif deal by a day, but they were nice enough to include anyways. Kushstation is always a solid hookup for me !
robbie444001·HighGradeAid·466d22 reviews
Solid pickup from HGA, Hits hard, nice consistency. Purple berry kush. 9/10 all around in my books, would buy again . Also got sample of Tuna flowers, haven't tried yet though (bought some kief and dmc as well)
robbie444001·KushStation·665d22 reviews
Solid pickup, good priced cartridges. Hit pretty hard. Nice clean taste. Would order again. Also I was a 3rd place winner of a contest with this order, so I've got $50 free to spend next time, nice! Shipping was slower than usual but that's not kushstation fault whatsoever, they shipped righ...
robbie444001·KushStation·700d22 reviews
Consistent dosing from the few I've had. Good flavor. Kind of nice to not have bunch of extra packaging. Grabbed for $75 during Halloween sale
robbie444001·HighGradeAid·704d22 reviews
A nice potent little add in for joints / bowls whatever. $58 for a 5g jar. Quick shipping as usual with HGA. Picked up an oz death chocolate mousse popcorn as well and am happy with it. I will receive $25 off and free shipping on next order for this review.
robbie444001·KushStation·763d22 reviews
A budget pickup at $80 oz. For the price I'm happy. Decent sized buds, not caked or anything , well cured. I also missed their free Edibles sale by a few minutes, but they were nice enough to still include them. Quick delivery as usual with kushstation. I also picked up some critical smalls, hav...
robbie444001·HighGradeAid·781d22 reviews
This is a new strain at HGA, paid $100 for the oz with discount. Not a bad pickup, decently potent. Not as good as their dmc or dcm. Small to medium bud size. Nice smooth smoke. Overall 7.5/10. I will recently $25 off next order and free shipping for this review
robbie444001·KushStation·782d22 reviews
A pretty nice pickup from kushstation. Well balanced hybrid, nice and frosty, pretty gassy. Overall 8.5/10. Listed at $160/oz but I got it on a 15% off sale. I will receive $5 points credit on a future order for this review.
robbie444001·HighGradeAid·853d22 reviews
Quick delivery. Burns clean and slow. Decent value with the popcorn pricing. Nice taste. 8.5/10 all around.
robbie444001·HighGradeAid·948d22 reviews
Solid pickup. Great taste and smoke. Paid $139 before discounts. 9.5/10 for price.
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