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March 24, 2023


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Received today, service was great, in my hands in Ontario within 4 days! Everything was very well packaged/packed and sealed with no smell!

My first order and very impressed, bud is fresh, great nose and tasty, coated in trichs....

I ordered an OZ each of the Skunkberry (Skunk...
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Death Chocolate Mousse Smalls

Nice DCM effect, nose and taste. beautiful range of colours (much more purple). Decent for the price but I found my last batch of popcorn DCM better. But still a great pickup.

I find this batch slightly stemmy, leafy and dry. Boveda in a jar is hel...
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Death Choc. Mousse popcorn on a $99 sale.

Good score at a good price, a little dry, stemmy and muted but sitting in a jar with Boveda and it improving, and also picked up a HVE cart

Perfect night time addition to my stash, service once again top notch at HGA, and got it quick!...
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Dark Strain x Rockstar

Got it today and wasn't expecting it. I love the bubba skunk but this is another level.

Covered in trichs, beautiful color range, nice nose (even after an hour in a jar) gassy, pine, kush, vapes and tastes nice. My 1 oz bag was all stuck together, go...
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Bubba Skunk/Wizard Weed Live Resin

Bubba Skunk AAAA- Bubba Kush x Skunk

For $79 an OZ this is a no brainer, effects are right on and put a smile on my face.

Very impressed for the price, vapes nices, eases pain, makes me happy, and it’s smooth, nice nose and fl...
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Death Mint Cookies x Chocolate Vanilla Lover

2nd buy on this one. Part of my rotation now.

Nice size med-lrg buds, covered in trichs. Nose and flavor are nice, sticky inside.

Recommended for evening use to chill and help with body aches and pains

Pls. msg...
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Mac 1 AAAA

2nd time I pick this up, personal favorite. 50/50 Hybrid I find great for day use.

Mainly small/medium dense buds, with a white milky trich coating, I find it fruity tasting with a hint of skunkiness and cheese. Buds break up nice to colors of white/green/purple.
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Chemical Poison (cookie grower) - HGA - Oct (Incentivized)

BC to Ontario tues to friday, great service.

First time trying this one, fruity gassy taste, medium to large buds. Great cure and nice tight compact buds.

Very smooth and the effects are on point and slide on...
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First time trying this one, not disappointed.

Medium to large very well trimmed buds, crispy on the outside, and sticky on the inside.

Nose is a faint DMC with a sweetness up top and some gassiness. Tastes similar to nose and this one is smooth!

The effects on this o...
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2nd time around grabbing this one.

Nice nose and flavor, some stickiness, nice relaxing chill buzz. Vapes very nice.


My go to evening smoke.

Pls. msg for $25.00 off coupon. Incentivized review
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