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terosismydad·BCChronicBud·233d6 reviews

Pinkman Goo - BCChronicBud

A tad bit on the leafier side, but quite sticky and crystalized, which is still nice. Nice sweet enticing flavours, with a quite decent burn as well!

Quality 8.5/10 Value 8.5/10

Gelato Cookies from BCChronicBud for $69.99/OZ. What does everyone think?

Grand Master Chem/Pink Pussy - BC Chronic Bud - Oct. 2021 - Incentivized Review

Any closer pics of that grand master Chem ? Looks full pgr
aristered·BCChronicBud·459d11 reviews

Bubba Cookies -- BCChronicBud -- Oct 2021

frosty, terpy and covered in trichomes

extremely fruity and strong smell

burned smooth and white, high wasn't too intense. very mellow and good vibes, i was able to get some work done after having some of these bad boys
Tempex6·BCChronicBud·519d7 reviews

BC Chronic Bud - Grape Stomper - July

MOM Name: BC Chronic Bud

Strain: Grape Stomper

MOM Info: Great customer service, no cookie-cutter answers and answers specific questions, replies quickly on their chat during the day. There is huge selection that is very affordable and is still of good quality. Reddit review in...
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