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February 11, 2023


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aristered·HerbApproach·234d13 reviews
Very well trimmed and plenty of trichomes coverage. I found it to be quite exotic to look at for the amount of dark purple on the nugs. Taste aside this one carry a very developed berry taste. The Runtz terps give this one a gassy undertone but didn't beat out the fruit terp completely so the sw...
aristered·HerbApproach·236d13 reviews
This just become one of my favorites for 2023 so far. It's fresh and trichomes are all intact meaning it's new and wasn't handled roughly. I love the bud structure for being compact and dense. Busted up nicely in my grinder and has a sweet ice cream taste with each toke. Very good bag ap...
aristered·CannaPanda·312d13 reviews
Arrived in a jar with plenty of average to big dense nug. Well trimmed and really dusty with trichomes. I found this to be really gassy the smell literally stick to my clothes once I open the jar. I found this to be more balanced high as I got really baked and the buzz came from both head and body. ...
aristered·CannaPanda·314d13 reviews
Some leaf here and there but the look overall is alright and very icy. Sweet like sugary honey with a little hint of pine so it's tasty to smoke. The high kick in fast and can be quite intense, initially, but it did fade with time. Could smoke this three time a day or so if I want to but would s...
aristered·HerbApproach·339d13 reviews
Kings Kush is dope. I tried this strain before Halloween because this is what we were gonna smoke before watching some Horror movies. I watched Us and I was at the edge of my seat. Not much of a Horror but more suspenseful. I think this one would be a good one to share with friends so we don't g...
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·348d13 reviews
The tips were beautiful and icy while the bottoms were a bit leafy. The nugs smoked well and had nothing negative to say about this flower other from the rough trim. They were medium-sized nugs. Tastes kind of nutty and cherry. Initial flavour is fruity, with a nutty, aromatic finish. By the time ...
aristered·HerbApproach·375d13 reviews
Really dense sticky to touch buds. frostyy all over. Heavy pine and gas smell. Super floral like herby taste. Great smoke, ashed clean and white. Busts out super generous in a grinder. I get a super drymouth feel and trip out on this weed.
aristered·CannaPanda·405d13 reviews
I will keep it short since it's getting me really baked I thought today is September lmao. Lots of munchies, and nose tingle.
aristered·Pacific Cannabis·438d13 reviews
Nice craft kush flavour that was not rough in the bong. Pleasant smoke and high. Burned clean for ash.

aristered·HerbApproach·685d13 reviews
This strain had a more rustic smell to it but also had that hint of gas too. Again, pretty frostty and the nugs were a bit more fluffy than dense. The smoke wasnt rough in the bong so that was a really pleasant smoke for me. The high was a creeper but it gets you friggin baked af after.
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