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preeol·CannaPanda·27d6 reviews

11 Week Pink by Captain Pinks - Cannapanda - Middle of July 2022

Outstanding grow from The Captain. I've been seeing a lot of things from his grow and it seems like the pink was a really good batch. all the nugs look similar. This is their best batch so you are paying for the extra quality. I would not knock this one when it comes to potency. It hits hard wit...
preeol·CannaPanda·27d6 reviews

Black Milk by Rain City Farms - Cannapanda - Middle of July 2022

Noted best batch. Was wanting to see the nugs be more dark or black. The Captains grow was better. Took a chance on Rain City Farms but I think The Captain cures their weed a lot better.

Good weed overall but since I tried the 11 Week pink I fell in love. The price shows the quality yo...

Runtz Buttons smalls by Kingsmencrew - CannaPanda - July 2022

Ordered a mix n match qp of smalls for my first cannapanda order as soon as I saw kingsmen on there because of how much I loved the midnight runtz I got from onlygas in late february which was also grown by them, so much so that I still am savoring my last ounce or so of it.

Before 2022 ...
canadianjewfro·CannaPanda·35d15 reviews

various extracts from CannaPanda

Just got a BOOST EVO dabber and decided to buy some concentrates from cannapanda since they have the biggest variety of high quality extracts. I got 2 hash crepes from vangyptian, 2g of FSE from captains pink, 1g of LHR by High fidelity solventless and 2g of shatter from enigma.

So far I...
Cold-Pen-769·CannaPanda·36d1 review

Jet Fuel Gelato - Poncho Farms - Cannapanda - July

This Jet fuel gelato by poncho farms is way better than their roji og imo. The smoke is way more cleaner and smoother than the roji, the smell is mainly fuely and sugary, also smells kind of like potpurri. When smoked, that sugary smell translates into the taste and is very nice. When you take a few...
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