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We focus on only flower. All of our half ounce and 1 ounce strains are all listed for very competitive prices.
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joshbucky420·Bud Cans·816d66 reviews

Lemon Sour Diesel / / May 2020

Packaging; Came in a mailer bag holding a box with the cans of product inside of a vacuum sealed bag.

Looks; Nice and dense. Very bright and nicely covered in orange pistols with very close clean trim job. Hardly any green in sight with nice crystal coating.

Scent; Super sweet lemo...
Stonerscotian·Bud Cans·816d355 reviews

God’s Green Crack - Budcans - May 2020

A nicely balanced head and body high. Taste great in a joint, nice burn. Potent. I always love me a God strain, they never disappoint.

Quality - 8.25

Value - 8
Thechronickid00·Bud Cans·817d130 reviews

BudCans Review - May 2020

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Quick shipping from BC and made it to Ontario safely and well packaged within a small box. The strains themselves arrived in tin cans that were labelled with the site and logo and the names of the strains were written on the bottom...
Stonerscotian·Bud Cans·817d355 reviews

God’s Green Hulk - Bud Cans - May 2020

Upon cracking the jar I smelled a cheesy cookie kind of smell. Perfect trim and nice dense buds. A oil rig around the burn in a joint. Snow white ash and perfect burn. Pretty potent for a sativa dominate. Taste awesome, could smoke all day if it wasn’t so potent. Some smooth ass smoke

thechronickid_00·Bud Cans·820d1236 reviews

Blue Diesel - BudCans - May 2020

These buds of Blue Diesel arrived rock hard and conical in structure, sporting an olive green color palette with plenty of thick orange hairs. Slightly sticky with decent trichome coverage and tightly trimmed with minimal leaf. Some signs of slight oxidation within.

This one offers a pleasa...
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