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September 24, 2022


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Stonerscotian·CityRoots·12d360 reviews
These gorgeous buds are just absoultely glistening and heavily coated in milky trichomes to the point where the buds are nearly all white. The size of the buds was medium to large. Trimmed very well, seemingly hand trimmed and cured expectional. The aroma is of strong sweet kushyness.

Stonerscotian·KushStation·56d360 reviews
Kush station has been around for 3 years plus. My flower came in a super cool and artistic mylar baggies. Comimg in just a glistening in trichomes and having a rounded compact structure to the buds. Has a straight kushy aroma going on.

When smoked in a joint the flower provides a very smo...
This came to 30 shipped...the smell was of dirty muskyness. The buds were dark green and brown, there was noticeable pm on a lot of the buds.

I tryd smoking a joint..my tounge was numb with just 1 puff, tasted like a gross basement and harsh as good be. Nice dark black ash lol

Stonerscotian·GorillaJane·68d360 reviews
Medium to large sized well rounded clunkers made my bag. The buds have a teal like coloring and are just plastered right out in glistening trichomes. Cured and trimmed perfectly. The buds have a strong musky kushy scent.

When smoked I received an amazing musky kush taste, with a tad of sw...
Purple Pug Breath is superbly plastered in desirable milky trichomes. Has a apperance of a gorgeous white green. The structure is fairly dense and the buds are quite crystally on touch. Trimmed to absolute perfection and cured just as well. Has a amazing aroma of sweet tartness with berry and creamy...
This mainly medium sized flower is frosted right out. Has forest green coloring, with an compact meaty buds. Trimmed and cured very well. The aroma is of a sweet earthyness, with sour tones.

Upon smoking there was a sweet cake fruity taste, with a bit of a earth taste aswell. Had a pretty...
Stonerscotian·WTFCannabis·72d360 reviews
Upon cracking my jar, I got a pungnent creamy like fruity smell with a hint of tart. The buds have a yellowish green thats just matted in rich amber trichomes. You can tell its been cured properly and taken proper care of.

This was quite enjoyable in a joint, having a juicy taste with a ...
Stonerscotian·WTFCannabis·75d360 reviews
Within this shiny eye catching stylish box contains a dropper. Claiming this is lab tested on the box and being made with all natural ingredients and also sugar free.

The flavour is of orange, and its easy to ingest using the dropper. This is made with avocado oil. It goes down easy and ...
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