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May 1, 2023


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Stonerscotian·WTFCannabis·155d402 reviews
Uniquely shaped buds, seeming very natural. The buds are on the smaller size and are pretty dense. Smells quite good, having a subtle strawberry herbal scent, with a hint of earth.

Tastes just as good in a joint as it smells. Leaves a nice lingering aftertaste. Theres a white ash and a n...
Stonerscotian·WTFCannabis·156d402 reviews
Sugar Head has a sweet sugary doughy scent thats quite strong. The buds are just dripping in milky trichomes. Medium to large sized plump buds. Trimmed and cured extremely well.

I was greeted nice sweet doughy taste with a bit of creamyness. Very very smooth. Burned slow, even and contin...
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·168d402 reviews
Nice bit of cherry smell, along with a subtle earthyness. Burns great in a joint, being slow evenand continuous the whole through. Produced a light gray ash.

This is a nice sativa dominant hybrid. I found this to be of a medium potency. The high brought on a nice creativity. I felt anxie...
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·169d402 reviews
Has a strong sweet foral herbal scent going on, with a bit of earthy gas to it. The buds are plump and sticky. Looks overall pretty healthy. Trimmed and cured particularly well.

I found this to have a nice foral typical pink taste, but with a nice bit of sweetness. Burned perfect in a jo...
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·171d402 reviews
Absolutely just iced out trichomes and with hints of purple throughout. Has a okay trim and the cure was expectional. Has an aroma of dank sweet creamyness with notes of berry.

Burned very clean an was slow, even and continuous the whole through the joint. There was a grease ringer right ...
Stonerscotian·Canna Firm·183d402 reviews
Amethyst has a heavy purple appearance and is just absoutely caked out in trichomes. Coming in medium to large sized meaty nugs. Timmed very well, and cure to perfection. Has a loud uber sweet creamy, berry scent going on, with hints of wood.

When smoked in a joint, I tasted a sweet tart...
Stonerscotian·Canna Firm·185d402 reviews
Super caked out in glistening trichomes, having a milky bright green coloring. The buds are on the small to large size and are pretty meaty. Has a pungnent sweet berry creamyness for a scent. It made my mouth water.

I was greeted with a subtle creamy berry taste, with a hint of zest. Pro...
Stonerscotian·Canna Firm·189d402 reviews
Having a strong fragrance of fruityness, almost like a grape fruit roll up. Large clunker nugs, with a bit of spongeyness to the buds. Cured expectionally well and trimmed fairly well.

Tasted superb in a joint, having a sweet fruity grape cheesy taste going on. Burned pretty well perfec...
Stonerscotian·Canna Firm·192d402 reviews
Sourced by the Kingsmen Crew, Gyspy Soap has a dank fragrance of exotic fruity musk with a heavy creamyness. Deep purpling on these compact small to medium sized buds. Trimmed and cured to absolute perfection.

I found this to be some tasty and strong hitting in a joint. I was swamped wit...
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·204d402 reviews
Has a mega gassy smell emitting from these lovely buds. The buds are super plastered in rich milky trichomes. The trim job is decent and the cure was expectional. Near rock hard, small to medium sized well rounded buds made up my package.

When smoked I tasted a real nice gassy kushy taste...
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