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To provide marijuana users with quality products along with attentive and thoughtful customer service. Free shipping on all orders over $150. All orders are always shipped discretely with scent proof bags to ensure ultimate concealability.
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Overall rating out of 10: 5

Sign Up: Just sign up.

Ordering & Pricing: Ordering done online via cart. Pricing varies from $100 - $210 currently per oz. Prices seem fair.

Communication: Replied quickly when I asked why they had shipped ... help scam

no communication , i bought flower yesterday . i paid thru etransfer. , i sent msgs thru their online chat for some question but still no reply. i wake up today thinking id get an update ,i do but .........Order #143166 was placed on March 4, 2019 and is currently Cancelled. but he accepted my et...

Buyweedonlineshop Review


Overall rating out of 10: 7

Sign Up: easy, only took a second. No ID required.

Ordering & Pricing: I had some paypal credit I wanted to use and this MOM accepts paypal and credit card. I also was attracted to their pricing on mixed ounces which was $145 for...
hoffa83·BuyWeedOnlineShop·1364d1 review - 5 strain sample review

Overall rating out of 10:

Communication - 10

Shipping - 6 (see through bubble mailer)

Product - 8

Sign Up:

An account was created for me when I was asked to review samples. The signup seems strai...
Keyll·BuyWeedOnlineShop·1366d25 reviews

BuyWeedOnlineShop - 5g sampler - Extreme Haze, Zeus OG, Nuken God, Pink Rockstar, Blue Cheese

The perks for me: I received this package completely free to me, to review. I consider this a commitment to honesty. You may consider it a bias. Apart from writing this review I have no affiliation with this ...
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