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JGS7290·CannaGrassRoots·361d37 reviews

Death Bubba AAA+ - CannaGrassRoots - 8/4/21

Taste: Spicy, Lemon, Herbal, Sour Smell: Herbal, Earthy, Pine notes Cure: Exceptional cure and moisture level. This was my first experience receiving bud packaged in a tuna can, and I must say it's perhaps the freshest and stickiest bud I've ordered from a MoM in quite sometime. Bag Appeal...
awc17·CannaGrassRoots·373d1 review

Death Bubba - Cannagrassroots - Late July

Gassy and hard hitting, this Indica strain knocked me out on my first try. It smoked quite light and had a slight earthy taste . The nugs are smaller but from what i can gather, this is typical for this strain. Overall a 7.5/10

Donkey Butter - CannaGrassRoots - April 2021

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Genetics : Grease Monkey x Triple OG

My third time trying this potent Grease Monkey X Triple OG cross. This Donkey Butter from Cannagrassroots arrived in a small mason jar that kept that buds perfectly intact and fresh. Curious to see ...

Pineapple express-Canna Grass Roots-March 2021

luckyhazed·CannaGrassRoots·504d94 reviews

Pink kush /cannagrassroots / late March

Sent as a sample ! Very strong indica like every pink kush ! Big head high and little eyes after lmao. White ashes and burn nice all the joint not have to light another time. Sticky and strong smell and only got 2g imagine an entire oz. I recommend for indica lover that’s very taste and sweet ! Bi...
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