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luckyhazed·EliteCannabis·993d129 reviews

Pink Kush / Elite cannabis 2 October 28

Incentivized * Smelling good when opened the bag at first , the taste is great but it’s a little rough on the throat when inhaled . The effect are subtil . I was thinking about normally a pink kush hit like a train but not that one . Lil relaxing effect but not couch lock . The taste is ok and the...
Stonerscotian·EliteCannabis·993d402 reviews

Pink Death AAAA (Not) - Elite Cannabis - October 2021

First off the buds that make up my oz are mostly small with a few medium size ones. The smell is of earth and a bit of gas. This was advertised as a quad....

When smoked it taste like earth and a some gassyness. It doesn't leave a very pleasant aftertaste. Hurts my thoart. Its harsh ...
luckyhazed·EliteCannabis·995d129 reviews

UK Cheese | Elite Cannabis | October 28

Received as a sample , they offer me to try 4 of their strains and the first was that UK Cheese . So it’s « incentivized ». That bud is beautiful at the first view and that’s a big one tho . Them colors are bright with deep colors of purple on it . The cheese smell is here when you open the ...
Next-Cell·EliteCannabis·1000d349 reviews

Rock Tuna AAAA - Elite Cannabis - October 22

Pauti25·EliteCannabis·1001d24 reviews

Mike Tyson OG, Elite Cannabis, October

Mike Tyson OG AAAA+

I got some weed to review in the mail from Elite Cannabis, thank you Elite, I don't remember the last time I got weed as a gift and this one didn't upset.

The nose is a little mute, the scent the buds give off is a kush nose, a little grinding relea...
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