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Quazzyy001·GreenSerenity·1492d22 reviews

Strawberry high chew- green serenity-June 17

There really good i could sit here and eat one after another and 2 of them and I was feeling the high within 40 mins
Quazzyy001·GreenSerenity·1492d22 reviews

Pot heads sour chew- green serenity-June 17

I found my new favorite edible, I love these things there so delicious and extremely sour! I’ll be loading up on them!
Quazzyy001·GreenSerenity·1492d22 reviews

600 mg skye dark chocolate bar- green serenity-June 17

I’m not a huge fan of dark chocoale, this bar was actually really good tho you can taste the weed, but I actually like that taste and I ate about half the chocoale Bar and I had to stop eating it lol was getting really high
Quazzyy001·GreenSerenity·1492d22 reviews

Gelato diamonds- green serenity-June 17

My first time havn pure diamonds, I’ve only had diamonds in sauce. This gelato diamonds tho sure hits like a train and you only need a little amount on the dabbed or you’ll be coughing a lung!
vincec135·GreenSerenity·1493d10 reviews

Critical OG - greenserenity - June

**Sample provided for review**

[More pics](

Again the price is too much, they really need to lower it if they hope to attract clients. Packaging was pretty standard, squished a bit but that’s usually due to bubble mailer. As someone who hasn...
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