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June 17, 2020


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vincec135·GreenSerenity·841d10 reviews
**Sample provided for review**

[More pics](https://imgur.com/a/Tx0YmI1)

Again the price is too much, they really need to lower it if they hope to attract clients. Packaging was pretty standard, squished a bit but that’s usually due to bubble mailer. As someone who hasn...
vincec135·GreenSerenity·841d10 reviews
[Couple more pics](https://imgur.com/a/Fb0ZcsM)

**Sample provided for review**

Fairly strong kush nose with sweet undertones when you bust it up. Bit of a peppery flavour smoking it, in vape it’s more milky with faint citrus taste (can’t really pinpoint it). Smooth sm...
vincec135·ShamrockCannabis·857d10 reviews
Got this as an add on with welcome pack. Nice nose, slightly leafy/airy which isn’t my preference but it’s solid bud. This is listed as 60% sativa dom hybrid and it has a good blue nose (smells exactly like the mataro I’ve had). Kinda weak however

Q : 6 V : 7.5
vincec135·TFCannabis·857d10 reviews
Bundled with movie pack. Good value imo but price keeps increasing. Very nice black diamond nose and taste, not very strong but good daytime smoke for me. Slightly leafy. Solid trips

Q : 6.5 V : 8.5
vincec135·Rayken·872d10 reviews
Amazing price with coupon stack, sadly no longer applicable. Rated as quads on their site, these are more of AAA or AAA+. Trim is lacking and got a lot of smalls. Nose is muted but a few days in the jar improved that. Mostly positives with this, enjoy mixing it with my more potent Indicas. For a fir...
vincec135·KushStation·872d10 reviews
See this retail $45-50 which is insane. Got this for nostalgia, on sale. Regret buying this since I’ve smoked it. The added terps are very noticeable, strength is lacking but the smell is always great. I just open the container to smell it now and then. Bout the only purpose it serves me lol, don...
vincec135·BoxedBuds·876d10 reviews
Another pic. https://imgur.com/a/ZDgvfks
vincec135·BCMedichronic·880d10 reviews
Sadly no longer in stock but if you see this up I’d scoop it up. Great variety and many of the nugs are coated, few are leafy. Was 70 a zip

V : 10 Q : 6.5
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·881d10 reviews
Got this as part of their April 420 sale. Very potent, great night time strain. A steal with the sale and coupon stacking. Shipping was slow but I knew that going in so can’t complain.

V: 10 Q : 8.5
vincec135·LowPriceBud·987d10 reviews
[more pics](https://imgur.com/a/BGF8Kxy)
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