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imperialblitz·LowPriceBud·370d16 reviews

Hawaiian Snow // Low Price Bud // November 2022

Popcorn bag but I did get a big nug out of them which also contain a lot of frosty trichomes. This stuff got a tropical and fruity flavor like pineapple and also the high won't be too intense but rather relaxing on the body. You are going to chill hard on this one for sure.
Gelliepuuz·LowPriceBud·425d16 reviews

OG Shark - Low Price Bud - October 2022

Big nugs but could trim a bit better especially those sticks. On deep inhale you will be surprised with a bit of sweet on your nose. Some nugs are a bit hard to burn but the rest are alright. Give me a gradual high that's more Indica than hybrid. Also make everything I ate yummy.
Gelliepuuz·LowPriceBud·429d16 reviews

Wedding Cake AAA - Low Price Bud - October 2022

Buds came in fair sized. Lovely dark green color with plenty of frost to it. Smell lovely with those woody kushy smell couple with a hint of cookie in it. Had a great body high that buzz throughout my body which make it perfect after a day of working. Sleep like a baby!

I still have one...
predevam8·LowPriceBud·432d7 reviews

Platinum Pink (AAAA) - Low Price Bud - September 2022

Bought this with the thought of making a portion into edibles but I'm just going to smoke it. Bag had a few stems in the bag but no deal breaker. I was expecting something much more sugar leaf from the picture but it actually came pretty solid. Would put this on AAA level. Not quads as they say....
imperialblitz·LowPriceBud·436d16 reviews

Girl Scout Cookies // Low Price Bud // September 20022

Nothing like a classic GSC that smell dank and sweet. Green buds with some orange hair that are coated in a decent amount of trichomes for AA strain. You will either ended up with munchies or giggling with this one. This is why this is one of my top favorite strain.
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