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September 7, 2022


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·21d8 reviews
The buds were a very dark deep purple with a dark green appearance, yet the frost was white. Burns quite beautifully. A fine, even fire burn to the ash. When smoked, it has a lot more body and is easy on the nose. Strong initial high that weakens into a calm, relaxing buzz that leans more toward an ...
Gelliepuuz·HerbApproach·75d8 reviews
Super piney and fruity. Smoked this right before watching Netflix. Got me in the mood to do other stuff while watching ;).
Gelliepuuz·HerbApproach·75d8 reviews
Heavy strong kush flavours that give a nice buzz. The flowers are fresh and breaks apart nicely, rolling it gets my fingers pretty sticky. This strain hits pretty heavy and the high will creep up into your body, especially at night. I was watching a show and I couldn't help but fall asleep, prob...
Gelliepuuz·TogoWeed·83d8 reviews
Buds came through fair sized. Very tasty in the fruit department. Really nice smelling buds that have a cake like aftertaste. Very easy going smoke that doesn't put me on my ass. Helps me reduce headaches at night. Kind of reminds me of Lindsay smell but that could be from that fruity gas. Help...
Gelliepuuz·LowPriceBud·89d8 reviews
Good thick vapor strain. This one came in nice tight buds. Taste reminded me of Master Kush. Very tingly on the tongue with a hint of peppers. This does not make it harsh as it makes the flavours more deep once the heat of my vape gets soaked in. This one vaped really well at low temps. 365 and rais...
Gelliepuuz·HerbApproach·308d8 reviews
Got this for $89 an ounce and it was really nice for the price. This is better than some places that sell AAA for $150 lol had a sweet smell to it and tastes like pineapples too. Wasnt too strong of a high (probably because its a sativa) but it put a smile on my face. Pretty happy about this purchas...
Gelliepuuz·MonkeyBudz·321d8 reviews
Buds were a tiny bit smaller than I expected but smoke was very smooth!

Head-buzz was ? , buds were nice and sticky. Really good for a small social event or a trip to the cinema for sureeeee
Gelliepuuz·LowPriceBud·335d8 reviews
Terpy, pungent, and smooth!

Taste could definitely be a bit more intense, as I do find it a bit lacking.

The high hit me about 3-4 puffs in. Lasted for a good 1-1.5 hours, while I happily enjoyed Tropic Thunder, was laughing my guts out.

Gonna s...
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