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August 8, 2023


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Gelliepuuz·MonkeyBudz·56d16 reviews
It's loose from the look of it but It's actually really dense inside. It's my first time trying this strain and they didn't much about it on the website either. Some sort of kush strain with a potency to kick you in the gut. It's not exactly sleepy after a smoke but it kinda tie ...
Gelliepuuz·MonkeyBudz·56d16 reviews
The nugs lie somewhere between what is considered medium and large size. It was quite caked but also a bit leafy in some nug. Smoke is very nutty and creamy just like peanut butter however it did have more pungent notes to it. The effects feel really balanced on this kind of strain.
Gelliepuuz·HerbApproach·105d16 reviews
My all-time favorite strain out there. Couldn't skip this one since I got it on sale. Some of the nugs are on the smaller size but there are some big spear shaped nugs out there that are way bigger than the Pineapple Express I usually get. It's dense and has a strong citrus note. The high is...
Gelliepuuz·HerbApproach·108d16 reviews
I have only seen this strain once in Quebec before. Looks simialr enough with many vibrant colour. There's a astrong zesty lemon scene on this one that's like vitamin c booster. It burn quite well for me and the tangy citrus flavour is quite delicious. The potency is somewhat average but it&...
Gelliepuuz·WTFCannabis·173d16 reviews
The nugs are mostly medium and they are not too dense with a slight oval like shape. I was expecting something like tropical fruit by the name of the strain but it's sweet like vanilla with a bit of ”chocolate” taste. The buzz was definitely indica for me but it isn't too couchlock and I...
Gelliepuuz·WTFCannabis·323d16 reviews
Sweet fruit taste that makes my mouth drool instantly after I hit. Not a bad strain at all if you like fruity terps. I put this up to my nose and I feel like it opens up another dimension in my brain. Kind of gives relief to a headache by just smelling the raw weed. One of the best smelling nugs i&#...
Gelliepuuz·LowPriceBud·357d16 reviews
Big nugs but could trim a bit better especially those sticks. On deep inhale you will be surprised with a bit of sweet on your nose. Some nugs are a bit hard to burn but the rest are alright. Give me a gradual high that's more Indica than hybrid. Also make everything I ate yummy.
Gelliepuuz·LowPriceBud·361d16 reviews
Buds came in fair sized. Lovely dark green color with plenty of frost to it. Smell lovely with those woody kushy smell couple with a hint of cookie in it. Had a great body high that buzz throughout my body which make it perfect after a day of working. Sleep like a baby!

I still have one...
Gelliepuuz·WTFCannabis·391d16 reviews
The buds were a very dark deep purple with a dark green appearance, yet the frost was white. Burns quite beautifully. A fine, even fire burn to the ash. When smoked, it has a lot more body and is easy on the nose. Strong initial high that weakens into a calm, relaxing buzz that leans more toward an ...
Gelliepuuz·HerbApproach·446d16 reviews
Super piney and fruity. Smoked this right before watching Netflix. Got me in the mood to do other stuff while watching ;).
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