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Budmail great service

Panopyra·BudMail·75d13 reviews

Rainbow Chip (Cream Of The Crop) - Budmail - July 2023

Just like the name it does give a lot of colour ranging from deep purple into a burning haze of bright orange. not exactly the type of dense weed but it does retain a good flavor without being too dry. It's kinda like a bit sweet with a sour undertone to it. The potency is at the medium level th...
Panopyra·BudMail·75d13 reviews

Pink Kush (Lucky Farms) - Budmail - July 2023

Buds look alright with forest green look and plenty of trichomes coverage. They did the trim job really well and I'm glad my buds arrived this beautiful and neat. It has and sweet aroma when I grind it up and the taste has a certain spicy note to it. Potency is average but it's a good smoke ...
xxvictorhellxx·BudMail·126d15 reviews

Strawberry Cough (Cream of the Crop) - Budmail - May 2023

Buds are very firm with an impressive length and frost to it. This is not a smooth strain despite how it looks but I guess that's how it got the name. The taste itself is exactly strawberry cough just right before it becomes nasty. Buds keep me energized for several hours straight and really eup...
xxvictorhellxx·BudMail·126d15 reviews

Super Lemon Haze (Albatross) - Budmail - May 2023

Dense nugs that kinda a look a bit like pgr but I can still smell the slight lemon terp in it. Probably not the best strain in term of terpiness but the effects are still there. It gets my a bit giggly and did put me in social mood despite the high ending a bit too soon. The high is probably around ...
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