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Hassasin8·BoxedBuds·402d43 reviews

Mango Kush - Boxedbuds - June

This is a very fruity strain. This has a very strong mango smell with slightly skunky undertone. When you smoke it you get a great mango, banana and pine flavor. Really enjoyable to smoke. The smell comes out a lot when you burn it. I found this made me very creative but relaxed at the same time. Bu...
perry709·BoxedBuds·421d4 reviews

June 2021 BoxedBuds. Purple Kush & Strawberry Banana

wallbangu·BoxedBuds·424d326 reviews

Space Queen [] 18/06/2021

?? that stuff looks amazing
wallbangu·BoxedBuds·425d326 reviews

Meat Breath - [] 18/06/2021

Meat breath

Super nice structure medium to small in size with foxtail on some. Dense and hard to the touch super sticky especially considering its rating. Nice colors on this one too. Couple premature seeds on this one also nothing too bad.

The nose is not as strong as the Po...
wallbangu·BoxedBuds·425d326 reviews

Space Queen [ ] 10/06/2021

Space Queen

Super nice colors smaller tight and coated buds. Nice and resinous sticky to the touch. Only thing i could say was there was about 2g of shake in. Didnt weight it tho so might have been 28 + and some shake haha.

The nose is gassy and pungent nothing to say there sa...
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