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Greenland Botanicals is your premier Canadian online dispensary and same day delivery service in the Metro Vancouver area. We keep prices low with quick processing times so you can acquire your medicine asap. We offer a range of products from budget to craft quality flowers, concentrates, edibles and much more. We are dedicated to providing top quality cannabis products at a low cost. Loyalty , referral program, first time customer discount and free gifts on all orders!
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bos420·GreenlandBotanicals·66d525 reviews

Cheetah Piss * Greenland Botanicals * June

Strain - Cheetah Piss (Lemonnade x Gelato #42 x London Poundcake #97) by Major Quad Farms

Visual/Texture - beautiful bag appeal on these smaller to medium sized spear shaped buds. Tightly compact density, bound by a stickiness, crisp outer shell, and fluffing up nicely out the grinder. Br...
bos420·GreenlandBotanicals·66d525 reviews

Animal Face * Greenland Botanicals * June

Strain - Animal Face (Face Off OG x Animal Mints) by Nala Pharms

Visual/Texture - mostly made up of medium, along with a couple smaller sized pepper shaped buds. Semi dense springing back once squeezed, and a sticky freshness being maintained down to the core of each nug. An overtone capt...

Garlic Breath / Greenland Botanicals / Mid Feb 2022

Garlic Breath= HogsBreath × Chemdog D BX2 Nice manicured dense buds. Nose is garlic and earth. An absolute must try if your a garlic terp fan. The bud is shimmering in milky trichomes. This is marked as a AAAA+. I would agree with that rating. The high is heavy and focused. Though I haven't f...

Gary Payton X Greasy Runts / Nala Pharms / Greenland Botanicals / Mid Feb 2022

Well this one is a brain tickler. Starting with the buds. Chunky, dense and coated. Smelling of candied fuel and ripe citrus. Mostly mediums with some large nugs aswell. The taste is of cookies citrus(very minor grapefruit but it's there) and a little gas in behind with pepper. This cross is all...

Greasy Runts / Nala Pharms / Greenland Botanicals / Mid Feb 2022

Greasy Runtz by Nala Pharms. 1st time trying both Nala and Greenland Botanicals. Floored by how amazing the service is at Greenland Botanicals. The flower arrived with a perfect cure. Smelling of creamy gassy Gelato. The taste mimics the nose. I honestly could roll joints by foot and smoke it cuz th...
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