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October 5, 2022


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bos420·CleanGreenVIP·23h549 reviews
Strain - Fire Fly (Double Dutch x Cinderella 99)

Vistual/Texture - thick medium sized nugs having elongated peppered shapes. Coming fairly dense allowing little movement, with light crisp feeling exteriors. Shades of dark forest green along with an accompanying medium mossy colored undert...
bos420·CityRoots·2d549 reviews
Strain - Savage Hulk (Bruce Banner #5 x Zkittles x Do-Si-Dos)

Visual/Texture - these came all large in stature as elongated buds being spear formations. Fresh feeling while having a spongelike density, sticky to touch while being caked up in a resinous glue. Cleanly trimmed visually appea...
bos420·QuadCo·4d549 reviews
Strain - Suga King (MacDaddy x Jelly Breath)

Vistual/Texture - collaborated between smaller to medium sizes, rounded buds with an appearance backed by their stunning bag appeal. Lightly compact by a fluffy density, fresh feeling nugs that spring back after pinching together. of the frosty...
bos420·Pacific Cannabis·4d549 reviews
Strain - LA Kush Cake (Gorilla Glue #4 x LA Kush)

Visual/Texture - initially bricked together coming as a compilation of several smaller to medium sized buds. Tightly wound together by a compact density, snapped open exposing the trich coated interior. Being shaded by array of hues from b...
bos420·Headstash·5d549 reviews
Strain - Petrolia Headstash

Visual/Texture - medium sized buds bulbous round closely resembling pepper shapes. Fresh to the squeeze in full form, once cracked open, quickly gumming up the fingers from handling the interior cladded in sticky resin. Surrounded by a light moss coloring, tha...
bos420·QuadCo·7d549 reviews
Strain - Slurricane (Do-si-dos x Purple Punch)

Vistual/Texture - made up of some visually stunning medium sized, pepper shaped buds, branching out the occasional fox-tail. Coloring divided between a medium olive hue, gradually darkened to a forest green, and showcased by deep rich purple ...
bos420·Pacific Cannabis·10d549 reviews
Strain - Galactic Cake (Girl Scout Cookies x Snow Lotus)

Visual/Texture - majority smaller sized along with a couple medium buds having a rounded grape shaped resemblance. Quite dense forms with minimal movement, lightly crisped exteriors, snapped and grinded at ease. A combination of lig...
bos420·CityRoots·11d549 reviews
Strain - High School Sweetheart (Cherry Pie x Grateful Breath)

Visual/Texture - conical spade shaped buds both large and medium sized. Fairly densely compact nugs, fresh feeling with a perfect cure, soft textured, slight give when pressed together, and layered throughout in a sticky resin...
bos420·QuadCo·12d549 reviews
Strain - Garlic Sherbet (Blue Sherbet x GMO)

Vistual/Texture - completely made up of medium sized, eye grabbing, spear formed buds. Lighter sponge density allowing for some give when squeezed, soft freshly textured having a greasy feeling exterior. Medium moss shaded with some darker fore...
bos420·Pacific Cannabis·13d549 reviews
Strain - Bubba Kush

Vistual/Texture - built up of a mix of both rounded medium and smaller bud sizes. A crisp shelled exterior with a compact density, having some excess sugar leaf presence, and bound together by its stickiness. Darker olive coloring gradually fading towards a medium emer...
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