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May 1, 2023


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bos420·BulkWeedInbox·445d643 reviews
Strain - Island Kush (Hawaiian x OG Kush)

Visual/Texture - tightly wound together proportioned, bulbous round shapely buds. Thick densely compact together having no movement, shelled by a crisp exterior, snapped apart exposing a resin loaded middle. Wearing shades of medium moss shared al...
bos420·HighGradeAid·446d643 reviews
Strain - Death Mint Cookies x Death Chocolate Mousse 

Visual/Texture - two absolute staples unifying together to collaborate for this beautiful strain. A zip of spear shaped tapered buds varying between smaller to medium sizes. Fresh feeling nugs having a semi dense firmness, with a sti...
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·446d643 reviews
Strain - Donkey Butter (Grease Monkey x Triple OG)

Visual/Texture - cleanly trimmed large girthy buds, shaped like elongated tapered spades. Thick dense formations behind each nug, cased by a crisp shelled texture, cracked open showing a frosted up inner coating. Medium moss green shaded ...
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·448d643 reviews
Strain - MAC1 Popcorn

Vistual/Texture - smaller bud sizes having spade shaped statures. Density sitting between an airy to light firmness, and entirely covered in crystals including each individual sugar leaf. Darker olive green tones can be found underneath the blanket of frost, paired a...
bos420·OneTwoTreez·449d643 reviews
Strain - Kush Mintz (Animal Mints x Bubba Kush)

Visual/Texture - beautiful buds identified by plump spade formations. Packing a medium density, allowing for minimal movement on the squeeze. The nugs present a medium emerald shading, shared alongside rich purple plum hues, with light patch...
bos420·BulkWeedInbox·453d643 reviews
Strain - Tropic Thunder by Okanagan Ranch

Visual/Texture - compact buds identified by spear shaped formations. Tightly wound together with a solid density allowing very little movement when squeezed. The nugs being tinted by Medium emerald shades, beside darker portions of forest green, ...
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·454d643 reviews
Strain - Banana Sundae (Banana OG x Sundae Driver)

Visual/Texture - medium to large sized lengthy tapering spade shaped buds. Soft squeezable nugs, lightly textured with an airy density allowing for plenty of movement. The structures covered by an emerald green, accented by deep patches o...
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·454d643 reviews
Strain - High Octane (Sunset Sherbert x Octane) Smalls

Visual/Texture - smaller sized buds that have structures resembling popcorn shapes. Soft airy squeezable density, surrounded with a crisp cased exterior, while being lined with a crystal coated trichomes consistent from the centers of...
bos420·OneTwoTreez·456d643 reviews
Strain - Sour Diesel Budder

Texture/Vislual - coming as a few individual beautiful wedged formations. A wax like textured, holding consistent to form, easily crumbling off to any chosen amount. Colored with an eye appealing creamy golden yellow tinge

Smoke - amplified profile ...
bos420·OneTwoTreez·457d643 reviews
Strain - Afghan Goo (Afghan #1 x Maui Haze)

Visual/Texture - split between smaller to medium sized buds, being shaped by round pepper like formations. Crispy feeling nugs that are snapped apart at ease, housing a squeezable density springing right back to form. Casted with a deep darkened...
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