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Premium weed. Locally grown with love. BC kush at its finest! No minimum shipping. 99$ value ounces!
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captcrunch·HopTheLine·1798d120 reviews

White Romulan - HopTheLine - Aug 2019

Overall good strain. Earthy / sweet nose and taste. Hybrid effects. I’ve never seen romulan with such purple leaves, so that was a nice surprise aesthetically
captcrunch·HopTheLine·1798d120 reviews

Purple Kush - HopTheLine - Aug 2019

Typical purple kush. Indica, couch-lock high. Overall, not the best strain I tried from HTL, but at the price it’s pretty great value (can’t say the price here due to sub rules, unfortunately).
captcrunch·HopTheLine·1798d120 reviews

Yeti OG - HopTheLine - Aug 2019

Had been curious about Yeti OG for a while, glad I got to try it. Very nice fluffy nugs with TONS of kief. I had read it was an Indica but I’d define it as a hybrid. Calm, happy high. Sweet, lemony/fruity nose.
captcrunch·HopTheLine·1798d120 reviews

Triple Chocolate Cake - HopTheLine - Aug 2019

Loved this strain. Beautiful kief-caked, dense nugs. Earthy nose and taste. Nice indica effects (couch-lock)
Thechronickid00·HopTheLine·1832d130 reviews

HopTheLine Review - July 2019




Shipped from Vancouver to Toronto in the standard 3 day time frame. Packaged in a Canada Post bubble mailer and all the contents within remained unscathed.

**Super Lemon Haze**
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