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We specialize in premium 100% ORGANIC BC craft cannabis and organic cannabis products including organic edibles and organic vape products. Some organic products have third-party lab test results for pesticides and THC levels; more tests are always being done and uploaded to the site when available. We also have an awesome $25 GOPOSTAL Promo for New Customers - a $55 value for only $25 and includes FREE shipping!
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LSO UBC Chemo (Organic) / Mailboxmarijuana/April

I don't normally do reviews, but this is some number one bullshit. It's old and hay like, seemingly zero potency. Wasn't expecting much for $120 /oz but I'm still disappointed. Mailboxmarijuana, you a wretched bitch for stealing my weed dollars.
JGS7290·MailboxMarijuana·473d37 reviews

Grape Cake (AAAA+) - Mailbox Marijuana - April

Taste: Fruity, sweet, gas Smell: Fruity, dank Cure: Moist in a good way, maybe the best cure on flower I’ve received from a MoM Bag Appeal: All buds frosted, large, and incredibly dense Potency: For an indica leaning flower I found this to be rather stimulating, the MoM provided lab results (27% ...
JGS7290·MailboxMarijuana·478d37 reviews

Grape Cake Mailbox Marijuana

indicaonly·MailboxMarijuana·480d29 reviews

LSO GSC by L+O - MailboxMarijuana - April 2021

This 7g of GSC is part of an AAA mix & match Oz i paid 136$ (-20%) during easter sales. This current batch is fairly graded AAA+ @ 185$ an Oz before discounts.

The smell is a sweet diesel, i've seen a recent review saying it was citrusy and it led to an argument about if it's real...
HypeInFaMous·MailboxMarijuana·481d219 reviews

Maple Walnut Cookies 150mg THC - Mailbox Marijuana - March

*This strain was kindly sent by Mailbox Marijuana in exchange for an honest review.

These cookies really tasted great. Had a pleasant crumbly texture getting a nice maple flavour with some of the walnut coming in lightly in the background. The frosting also went well with the overall flav...
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