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luckyhazed·OrderBudOnline·171d94 reviews

Gas Monkey / OrderBudOnline / February 25 (incentivized)

Mostly indica , that one is a cross between grease monkey and Gas strains. Them buds have a beautiful light color with a size of flower to small - medium with a nice humidity in it , the smalls are more dry a lil but they’re all going in the same place (the grinder) lol so I don’t care . Smells...
luckyhazed·OrderBudOnline·173d94 reviews

Afgooey / OrderBudOnline / February 24 (incentivized)

Mostly indica , this strain is a cross of Afghan #1 and Maui Haze . The ratio is 70/30. This one is nice because of the head high at the start of the effect. The big relaxing effect after a couple of minutes is insane , deep sedation with happy feelings. Beautiful strain to let the stress go away ...
luckyhazed·OrderBudOnline·175d94 reviews

Cherry Pie / OrderBudOnline / February 23 (incentivized)

Beautiful strain with pretty buds medium to smalls. They’re are dense and nice round shaped. Tasty indica for the evening , leave me sedated for hours with a nice feeling that this strain help me with inflammation and also with the pain for my case, it was my first time trying this strain. Flavor...
bos420·OrderBudOnline·187d525 reviews

Cement Shoes * Order Bud Online * January

Strain - Cement Shoes (Animal Cookies 09 x OG Kush Breath x Wet Dream)

Vistual/Texture - densely compact buds, one medium to large size, with a couple smaller tagging along. Offering up little to no give when squeezed, crisp shelled, each nug tightly wound together. Medium mossy green, wi...
Next-Cell·OrderBudOnline·188d349 reviews

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies AAAA - OrderBudOnline - February 10

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