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kefkatheinvesta·Supreme Canna·1716d10 reviews

Purple white lightning// ig supremecannabiscompany// nov 6

This is the pic they posted and above is what i received. fucking scammers
kefkatheinvesta·Supreme Canna·1716d10 reviews


Its not dried properly it has bad trim not very potent i have difficulty calling this aa

Smells like pine and fresh moist and squish into a pancake stems bend

Purple white lightning
bblzd·Supreme Canna·2402d33 reviews

Purple Candy - - Care package sample - December

First wiffs are of a sweet, earthy, mulled wine. Pulling apart a well compacted nug reveals hues of purple and caches of crystals which made it difficult to grind.

Burns consistently when rolled in a joint with a sweet berry flavor on exhale. Vaporizing this particular strain should really ...
excellENTtrees·Supreme Canna·2405d67 reviews

Barbara Bud from - $185/oz, December *sample

Sample was with the an order from late November/early December.

Barbara Bud is on sale now for $129. I likely won’t write a full review but it does smell good. It’s been jarred for a while and that’s brought out a berry aroma.
bblzd·Supreme Canna·2406d33 reviews

Orange Kush - - Care package sample - December

Extra sticky crystals hidden inside the bud structure. My fingers felt like super glue after pulling apart the pictured middle nug.

Opening the bag gives off scents of woody, herbal and tea with a slight citrus tang. However during break up it releases a more powerful musk which I would des...
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