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May 14, 2020


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kefkatheinvesta·TopShelfBC·927d10 reviews
Gassy sweet taste strong indica knockout rolled a j smoked a bong tried a vape all great topshelf has had nothing but good product and i will continue to shop there aslong as the quality remains consistent like this. White ash smooth really impressed for 750 hp

Aroma 10/10
Flavor 10/10...
kefkatheinvesta·MMJExpress·927d10 reviews
Its very nice for the price really impressed very happy
kefkatheinvesta·CheapWeed·976d10 reviews
Ive tried em all and cw wins hands down
kefkatheinvesta·CheapWeed·976d10 reviews
Theres far worse than tony and i found them after june fiasco. Im back on the tony train since nobody can beat them apparently. Link me someone thats better ive tried over a dozen moms and half dozen ppl local
kefkatheinvesta·Haute Health·1049d10 reviews
10 quality 10 value exceptionally priced and perfect daytime smoke functional indica high thc smooth tasty she smoked real nice for the price.
Value 3 out of 10 quality 4 out of 10 seedy low flavor profile weak buzz not impressive at all and they ignored me when i told them their headband has seeds and no disclaimer
kefkatheinvesta·BulkBuddy·1050d10 reviews
I paid 1175 minus 10 percent came to 1057 with new years promotion plus an oz of shake for free.
kefkatheinvesta·Supreme Canna·1116d10 reviews

This is the pic they posted and above is what i received. fucking scammers
kefkatheinvesta·Supreme Canna·1116d10 reviews
Its not dried properly it has bad trim not very potent i have difficulty calling this aa

Smells like pine and fresh moist and squish into a pancake stems bend

Purple white lightning
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