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November 1, 2018


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bblzd·CannabisCanadaShop·1551d33 reviews
A solid 2.4g nug that was hard and lacking distinctive terps. Tightly vacuum sealed along with two other samples, jar time with a boveda did not improve much and the density made pulling it apart feel strange revealing some discolouration. Not much smell that I would expect or flavour but the sativa...
bblzd·CannabisCanadaShop·1551d33 reviews
Dry with small and hard buds. Shared an off putting background smell with the other samples and did not regain distinctive terps after jarring with bovedas for a few days. Mostly harsh and unpleasant smoke with white ash, the effects were mellow though after 30 minutes I noted feeling relaxed withou...
bblzd·CannabisCanadaShop·1551d33 reviews
New MoM contacted me on Discord to sample some of their strains. First impressions were low, all three mostly dry and lacking terps. Buds were vacuum sealed tightly and their individual ziplock bags were not fully closed so three strains shared the same air pocket and a kind of strange background sm...
bblzd·GetKush·1566d33 reviews
Smelled of earthy, herbal hash out of the tube. Also a little dry but with a fairly dense bud structure that sheds dusty crystals on touch. Very white ash when burned and though it’s a plain terpene profile the flavour is noticeable and makes for a pleasant smoke. Underwhelming potency at first wi...
bblzd·GetKush·1566d33 reviews
A little dry and fluffy with an uplifting floral citrus smell. The red haired buds were stored in their tubes as a test for the supplied containers and dried out further over 2 weeks. Not a substitution for glass but an effective child-proof lid.

Joints burned quick with white ash and mostl...
bblzd·GetKush·1566d33 reviews
Pineapple Express:
Hard chunks of shatter made it difficult to flatten but I attempted to do so using parchment paper and some heavy books. Stable and cracks easily despite remaining unrefrigerated over warmer nights.

Little discernible smell but the vapour tastes of pineapple flavourin...
bblzd·Marijane Depot·1633d33 reviews
NYC Diesel x Strawberry Cough

Shipped in a silicon container with dusty, crumbly bits all over. Terpy smell and taste, predominantly gassy then fruity living up to the strain’s namesake. Dabs as a clear oil that’s easy to clean and smooth on the throat. Potent sativa effects focused in ...
bblzd·Marijane Depot·1643d33 reviews
God Bud x Blueberry

Small and dry crumble chunks that were moved into a glass container. Smells of pine, melts pretty clean with a smooth natural weed taste and subtle sweet berry, average shatter level of terps altogether. Couch lock and heavy body make for a low energy chill, potent but n...
bblzd·Marijane Depot·1652d33 reviews
Sour Tangie rosin loaded with terpenes, smelling strongly of fruits that can be tasted throughout a dab.
Melts dark with occasional plant material turning up but also a potent sativa feeling that doesn’t settle for some time. First time trying rosin that can rival terp sauce in flavour and eff...
bblzd·BCBudDispatch·1716d33 reviews
Bubba Kush x Death Star

Out of the bag felt dry and lacking terps and its condition remained after being cured with bovedas. The small nugs had a somewhat loose structure that breaks up easily giving off a woody-earthy smell. Slight flavour when smoked with a harshness that seemed to induce...
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