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Blue Dream - Cannabis Canada Shop - February

Typical nice blue dream smell and taste. Ground up nice and fluffy with good moisture. Burned light grey and was fairly smooth. Had a nice buzz making you feel very very calm mellow and relaxed. Nice head buzz. Great strain for kicking back but would definitely be able to function on it. Was really ...

Buttermilk Pancake - CannabisCanadaShop - Feb 2020

Another solid strain from CCS. I don’t really get any of the supposed buttermilk pancakes scent that they claim is present, but it smells great. Not a gassy nose, but a little sweet and a little musky maybe..? Honestly i’m terrible at describing smell, suffice to say it smells good. It did ar...

GSC - CannabisCanadaShop - Feb 2020

Value 10/10

Quality 9/10

Beautiful stuff, nice nose and smooth smoke...wouldn’t hesitate to recommend at their price.

Cherry Kush - Cannabis Canada Shop - January

Decided to try Cannabis Canada Shop again because I saw how many $99 ounces they have. Happy with my purchase, definitely one of the better $99 O’s I’ve had. Was $120.50 with shipping and came in 2 days. Buds didn’t have too much of a smell, but all were good size and got a big ass nug also. D...

Kandy kush #2 - Cannabiscanadashop - Jan 2020

Value: 8/10 quality: 8/10

Where do I start.. at $99/oz this is a pretty good deal. Herb smells sweet/kushy, which is nice. Ounce came in pretty dry, but nothing a boveda won’t fix. As for the smoke, this is definitely a strain you want in a joint. The smoke almost tastes a little fruity, ...
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