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A8808·TheCannaSociety·8d42 reviews

Death Bubba AAA+ TheCannaSociety November 2022

Smell: pungent kushy smell with a sweet gas Taste: tastes how it smells I have not smoke a joint yet so I can't comment in on the ash High: Strong Indica couch locking high you would expect from death Bubba potency is a 8-8.5/10 Looks: bag appeal is fantastic lots of green and purple crystal ...

MAC 1 - TheCannaSociety - Oct2022

Review here:

Had to post a pic as the video didn’t do it justice

MAC 1 - TheCannaSociety - October ‘22

Copped a QP of this to split with a friend, came out to $100 per oz. What a steal. Incredibly dense caked buds, deep aroma with citrusy hints, and a high that put me on the couch for hours. Dont sleep on TheCannaSociety, don’t see them discussed much on here but I’ve yet to be disappointed. Cons...
kobakip·TheCannaSociety·32d3 reviews

Purple Zkittlez AAA+ - The Canna Society - Oct 2022

Nugs: Small dense and tight like nuggets. All trimmed nicely and purple inside.

Terps: Retain most of the terp inside. Fruity overall but it has some sharp spicy note that can be a bit unpleasant.

Effects: Subtle and clean high. Feel great and you can still do other things ...
kobakip·TheCannaSociety·32d3 reviews

Khalifa Kush AAAA - The Canna Society - Oct 2022

Nugs: Really similar from the one they show on the website. Quite large too which surprise me if I got lucky. I meant it!

Terps: Looks like it has went through some time but still terpy. It still smell really gassy which is amazing

Effects: Not the strongest quad I had but ...
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