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Free gram of budder every 200$ spent Free 7g budder concentrate with 1000$ spent. All products high quality and fresh. Shipped in professionally labelled mason jars with 2x vacuum seal packaging.
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He’s back ??

Legit ???? Back with but only doing QP or more

The last nugs i'll ever be able to smoke from TCF. Rest In Peace


Unknown Chron father nugget /// all of 2021//

Patiently waiting for my package to continue moving. ITLL SHOW UP EVENTUALLY RIGHT GUYS??? Hello?
StrainDB·TheChronFather·237d25 reviews

Pink Runtz / TCF / December

Visual: 9/10 Lime green flower blanketed in intact trichome heads.

Nose: 9.5/10 Strong pungent gas mixed with pine and a touch of earthiness.

Texture: 9/10 Sticky to handle exterior with a gummy interior this flower was beautifully cured. Good decent with a slight spongey bou...
StrainDB·TheChronFather·238d25 reviews

ICC#4 / TCF / December

Visual: 9/10 Ranges from light to forest green with tinges of purple. Intact trichome heads visible. Came in mostly small/medium nugs.

Nose: 9/10 A pungent creamy gas mixed with a slight resemblance of wet paint. Smells identical to the other Moonshine batches.

Texture: 9/10 ...
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