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Lodi Dodi - mid December 2020 - The Chrono

Got this on a random flash sale for $49.99. Honestly wasn’t expecting much, but was amazingly surprised. Smell was incredible opening the bag, like dried fruit. The buds are quite leafy but dense, firm, and very sticky. Smoke is thick and deliciously sweet, and fruity. Ash is very light grey and t...
26AWi·TheChrono·712d20 reviews

Ganja Leaf Peanut Butter Cups / The Chrono / December 2020

Looks: Small, but mighty. This cup is has a smooth, chocolatey finish just like Reece's brand.

Smell: Possesses the usual nutty, roasted hazelnut flavor of store-bought peanut butter!

Taste: Super delicious and chocolatey. A mixture of sweetness with the satisfying gritti...
26AWi·TheChrono·796d20 reviews

Bluefin Tuna Kush / The Chrono / September 2020

First time trying this strain and as a hybrid lover, I will definitely be purchasing it again. It was a solid wind-down strain, and while I had little motivation to do anything, it offered the perfect brain shutoff that I need after a long week at work. The taste isn’t great, as you can obviously ...
26AWi·TheChrono·803d20 reviews

Pink Green Crack / The Chrono / September 2020

Not only does this strain taste fantastic, but I love looking at the tiny pink hairs that extend from the dense green buds. A little overpowering, but the perfect high to wind down your evening.

Value 10/10

Potency 9/10

Flavor 8/10
apukjijk·TheChrono·939d3 reviews

The Chronofather 4/20 order.
The Chronofather

’Poison Skunk’

Strain Name: Black Poison Skunk

Heritage: Red Russian Skunk (ruderalis) x Black Poison (sativa)


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